everything will kill you...except SIGG bottles

its just a fact. we're all going to die.

but why would you want to die from a plastic bottle that leaks hormones + chemicals into your body?? who wants to mysteriously grow a third nipple? or a beard (if you're a woman, or na'im--heh. heh)? not me. sheesh. i can think of much more interesting ways to die. like, standing in the middle of the road in high traffic. ah yes. or jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. but not by a nalgene bottle or a aquafina bottle (ew!).

so i splurged + bought my very first SIGG water bottle. they are safe + they guarenteed me that i wont die from drinking out of this bottle. so that is basically super sweet. so save your life, and get a SIGG bottle. i bought mine from AMAZON.COM. you can too.

on a side note: they will try to sell you a SIGG bottle cleaner brush. but i was talking to my brother, Na'im about this yesterday + he said that brushes are poppycock. "in fact," he said, "i haven't even washed mine once".

I was all: "DEEEEESSSSGGGUSSSTTTEEEEEEENNNGGG!!!" i cant believe my brother is so gross. but he did say you can wash yours with baking soda or vinegar. (also deeeggustteeengg!!) but whateves.

so save your life, save your ca$h you would spend on plastic bottles + hop only the coolest band wagon since nalgene bottles. heh.
oh! i also wanted to tell you guys that i subscribe to NYLON magazine + i love it. it talks about music, fashion, makeup, movies, art + artists, crafts, books, world politics. if only the models didnt look like 13 year old boys...sigh. but check it out if you havent already!

peace dudets +dudes, and thanks for stopping + commenting! xoxo.


amy said...

thank you for saving my life. i buy one now.

shirin said...

i forgot to tell you when we were on the phone -- but check out my latest facebook album because a drawing i did is in it along with a mobile/sculpture thing..
i think you'll really like the drawing. check it.
(ps i hope i haven't shown it to you before)

gus said...

You are my favorite hippie/hipster!

samimi-extremie said...

thanks dudes! i'm glad you made the choice to save your life amy. everyone: follow amy's lead. seriously.

Na'im said...

hey genius. just cause you have your very own rant blog doesn't mean anything you say is correct. (e.g. you will never hear me in one of my grad seminars saying "the following reliable information was obtained from samimi-extremie.blogspot.com")
the cleaning method that i use is per Sigg's instructions doh doh, and that was what i said. further, i washed that thing like crazy last night (maybe i don't like being called deeezguzteeng) with (biodegradable [smirk]) soap, vinegar, bird poop, and mucous. tee hee! sparkle and shine, hippie happie. let's just remember who started this trend: switzerland.

C.S.C. said...

Wow, homie. I'm totally gonna have to suck it up and buy myself one of those. I have like 4 nalgenes! I can only imagine the havoc I'm wreacking on my body. My poor. poor bodily manifestation.

Anonymous said...

O.K. you are as alive as ever - all piss and vinegar. Todays quote from the Alaska legislature:
"I thought all violence in Africa was done with machete's - I don't see what corporations have to do with it" Sen. Bunde AK legislature is obviously fucked up from all the plastic bottles. I told him about this extremie blog that I thought might save his life so that we could get on with fighting genocide in sudan. Long story. Love Linds

limonana said...

i love my sigg bottle...it definitely saved our lives...& i don't know what na'im told you but he definitely scrubs the livin heck out of those shiny little things :O)