newest LISH design.

these beauts are really bodacious. i own a jewelry business named
LISH (for those of you who dont know and i hock my wares on etsy). i am constantly amazed by the semi-precious gem stones that i find, as i am actually right now drooling over these. *drip drip*. i named these BONFIRE in ode to my days in S.E. Alaska (WHUT-WHUT!!) + the infamous wildgoose lane* days in Olympia, WA (WHUT-WHUT!!) filled with laughter, obscenities, gasoline fights + chugging o'douls (yes, i'm a Baha'i, and yes, they're NON-alcoholic). but i also named them BONFIRE because they are a romantic (yes, i said that) swirl and combonation of colors one sees whilst gazing into your--er, i mean, the bonfire. heh. heh.

these are made from brecciated jasper and gold. i like this photo alot too, as sometimes it gets SUPER boring taking photos of jewelry, so i try to make it exciting and interesting. i usually try to seek out places to photograph my jewelry where there is bird poop. (ew! i'm joking!) but serioulsy, dont mind the "doo-doo" in the photo. heh. heh.

here's photo of our bonfires at wildgoose lane:

*wildgoose lane is the lane we lived on going to undergrad in olympia, washington at The Evergreen State College. i lived with my brother, na'im, my other brother-from-a-different-mother, casey james and honora, elise + ellie. not to mention all the homies that crashed in our huge mansion of a house on the bay....ah...


Na'im said...

you should be careful who you wear those around cause someone like me or casey might confuse them for real bonfires and start poking them with sticks and blowing on them to make them more extreme.

Phyllistene said...

cheers. I would so poke you with a stick. You don't even have to be wearing the earrings.