another crazy iranian - i can say that, because i am one.

holy crap i can't wait to show this to my mom, she'll laugh so hard.

i almost died. he gets really into it...wow. what a kook!

(p.s. where does baktash find this stuff??? OMFG!!!)


polaroid shoot w/ elise + portishead

OK. so this is the last of my LA photos for now. i am fully aware of the fact that i have bombarded you with photographs of my visit there and you aren't totally feelin' it. oh well, suck it up.

school is almost over (i have a MONTH, yes, A MONTH) left...i am not that stressed out, even though i went running and am updating my blog instead of reading for my AM class tomorrow WHICH i havent even started reading for yet.

take note of the skulls + bodies buried in this person's yard (this is baktash's brother's bandmate -- [wow!]):

ALSO, remember that totally tubular band named PORTISHEAD from like, 1998?? remember how you felt like you were a heroin addict living in a damp cave when you listened to their music? well, remember how you always wanted them to come out with a new album? and we waited and waited for years and it never came? well, its coming. get ready. its gonna be R-A-D-D. i'll keep you updated.

the album's name is: THIRD
the release date is: april 29, 2008

i dont have any cool new vids of samples of their new tunes, but i wanted to give you a heads up. WORD? WORD!


bring on the major leagues.

hey dudets + dudes:

so you all know by now that we went to LA for spring break. it was SIIIIIICK! here are a couple of polaroids from our trip. these polaroids were taken on an extremely windy day in santa monica. 

then we went shopping + found this really awesome parking garage to take pics in. well what is new?? we always find cool parking garages to hang out in. we especially like ones where no cops come bust us for huffing glue and drinking gasoline. what gives, right?

so basically, LA is the entertainment center of the world, so you even need to be entertained when you are parking your cadillac escalade. DAMN! what do you guys think of LA? 


stone cold _________.

this is me and my best ol' buddy elise. we have a band called stone cold *beeeeep*! it is amazing. we leave LA tomorrow for VT (ugh) where it might still be snowing (ughX2). LA isnt as lame as everyone says at all. it is actually pretty awesome. i had to put this photo up. more to come once i get back...there are so many more awesome shots. i love you LA. goodbye. 



i got to see elise + burt today. i will put some photos up when i can. i saw smokey robinson on the plane + jamie kennedy at a cafe. i dont even know who he is though. and then i found out he stars in that really lame movie about white gangster rapper wannabes, or whatever. (lame).

burt told me that he showed my blog to his coworkers as they were working on the set of american idol. he especially loved the surfer clip. as we all did. i am trying to find funny clips to show you guys more often...a friend of ours showed me this video and we all really enjoyed it. its really funny. it'll make you chuckle.

well, i cant say i miss vermont + the snow.


los angeles

...i'm going there right now. i'm in the hartford airport right now. its 3am, baktash + i havent slept a wink b/c we went to long island today for a wedding which consisted of eating food for 7 hours STRAIGHT. it was reeedickulous. it wouldnt stop coming. we had to leave before the whole banquet hall was filled with cakes, chocolate fountains, popcorn, snow cone machines, crepes, etc. i'm getting sick just thinking about it. 

so now we're heading to LA. to see his family, elise, burt (my great great buddies) + the beach. because YOU WOULD HAVE NO IDEA-- IT FREAKIN' SNOWED IN VERMONT YESTERDAY.  what kind of godforsaken state is vermont anyway??? we have now officially had snow for FIVE MONTHS. YUCK!

OMG. i almost forgot. LA is not only home to fake breasts + liposuction, but also to my most favorite store in the UNIVERSE: American Apparel. so basically, i'm going there. everyday. i dont care if the CEO is gross. sorry guys, but i'd rather buy gear from a weirdo who walks around in his underwear than a sweatshop pimp.


and then there was just...she & him.

holy crap just when you thought life couldn't get any more RAD, you find She & Him. WHICH JUST SO HAPPENS to be M.Ward (my most favorite musician like, EVER--OMG!!--read old blog post) + cutie Zooey Deschanel (actress from "winter passing", "elf", etc.)!!! WOW! you say! man, oh man, i meant to make this the first music blog that was ever to grace the electronic pages of samimi-extremie.blogspot, but to be honest, when i first heard this album i was so angry b/c m.ward is barely singing in this album + i felt ripped the *beep* off!! OMG!! and zooey's voice is kind of loud + overbearing at first...but after two listens to the album, i REALLY fell in love with it. i think you will too. this is them perfoming at SXSW just this last month:

i apologize for the semi-crappy quality of the vid, but hey! its the internet! its youtube! its a free world! a free democracy on this world wide web thingy! sheesh! get off my back!

there is also this cute little sneak peak/listen:

anything m.ward does is amazing. so i recommend that you check them out.

She & Him
album: Volume One
label: Merge
quality: ROCKIN!

this is how She & Him make me feel:

p.s. i'm the one in the red overalls WIGGING out.