i suck @ blogging as of late.

and i apologize. shiz has been crazy, diggity dawgs. 

will promise to update asap. 



i'm a famous blogger...kind of.

i was in LA all last week wedding planning with my man. we had alot of fun and alot of stress. but it was all good. as you can imagine in LA, there are ALOT of people you want to photograph, so many characters. well, i didn't have time to hunt too much. but i did come across some characters here and there and i photographed a few...i told them i was a famous blogger and that i needed them for my blog. not a lie. but not exactly the truth. but everyone wants to be famous in LA, so it worked. feel free to click on the image to enlarge it...so you can really get a good look at these peeps..here are a couple of the gems:

the quintessential LA hipsters @ the taco spot:

Have you ever seen "Wassup Rockers"?? well, these SK8TER dudez totally reminded me of them. they were so rad:

enjoy the rest of the photos as well, they are just to share with you some of my trip to LA:
my fiance = swoon:
take note of the HOLLYWOOD sign behind him:
i have been in love with this wig store for a really long time, it is so amazing. i finally got to photograph it:



O ye loved ones of God!

Be ye firm of foot, and fixed of heart, and through the power of the Blessed Beauty’s help, stand ye committed to your purpose. Serve ye the Cause of God. Face ye all nations of the world with the constancy and the endurance of the people of Bahá, that all men may be astounded and ask how this could be, that your hearts are as well-springs of confidence and faith, and as mines so rich in the love of God.

~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

On a related note, Friday night was the big night where I had organized a community forum and facilitated the dialogue.  We decided that we needed to do this in response to recent hate crimes against the Native American community here in Rapid City.  On the panel was Mayor Hanks; Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Native Author & poet); Cindy Lloyd (civil rights activist); Andrew Iron Shell (Native community organizer); Captain of Rapid City Police, Doug Thrash; Josie Chase (Clinical Social worker); and Don Frakenfeld (former SD Legislator/Forensic Economist).  It was a packed house with Native and White people present to address this issue.  We had the media there and it went really well in my opinion. I am STILL exhausted from this event- it took everything out of me. 

Here are the two links (this one is the one, where if you look closely, I am being introduced to the gathering, waving in the background) :


Here is the other one, interviewing my boss:


The stories aren't the best, but atleast we go on the stations!!

So I believe I deserve this trip to LA to hang on the beach in Malibu with my man. PEACE!


he had to drop the science on us!

if you weren't a sap like me, and didn't fall in love with ryan gosling in "the notebook", this is SURE to snag you, especially if you like skinny ties, acoustic guitars and crooning:

his delicious band: "Dead Man's Bones". his voice is like honey, i believe this is one of my new favorite bands. hands diggitydown:

you can read the Pitchfork article here.

pee.ess: thanks to charlie for introducing me to this. even though he didn't know it was gosling...sheeeeesh. i guess he didn't watch the notebook. ;)

what do you think?


just sayin'...

for all my ladies:

this stuff rocks. its like eyeliner/eyeshadow in one...time for smoky eyes and dark, dark, nights listening to leonard cohen. ew. just joking. seriously, its has the same effect as a liquid eyeliner but i can ACTUALLY PUT IT ON RIGHT. sheesh. and wow. go get it and call me and we'll go out clubbing on ladies night in clear plastic high heels and capri cigs. ew. just joking.