my sincere apologies.

i was informed yesterday by my dearest friend Amanda that this whole hilarious long hair thing is actually a fetish, loved by many freaks out there. so that goes to show you how much i know and how in touch i am with comedy. 


but for real, that stuff is HILARIOUS. and in no way erotic. (what is with people???)


i still have 15 more days to make up my mind

and possibly break up with baktash for this man. video #2 and #4 are my ultimate faves:

big big ups to katy for showing this to me.
i am so so in love.


hello kylie.

so dear readers (is there more than one of you anymore??):

I am in rapid city airport en route to los angeles en route to portland then seattle then olympia for our WEDDDDDDINGGGGGG via highway 101 via big sur vi
a oregon sand dunes!!! (WHUTTT?!??!) 

OH if you only knew how excited i am, you'd probably puke from being so overwhelmed with glee. (sure, its happened before)

for those of you attending my wedding, i absolutely cannot wait for bonfires on our beach, f
ireworks, swimming and loud loud music with loads of laughter and loveeeeeeee. 

for those of you not attending - suckas!! heh heh. (small joke)

i cant wait to post photos of all the 4 days of festivities. 

what are you doing this summer? any plans??

love to all. esp. kylie.
p.s. this will only distract you from your work for like, three minutes. sowwie!


Happy Birthday, my Little Miss.

i know its your birthday and all, but you are the best gift i could ever have received. here's to sisters who are best friends. i love you & happy freakin' birthday, i am so so so proud of you and the woman you have become.