these days are made for whistlin'

alot has happened since i last blogged. alot.

for starters, school is almost over and that is sad and exciting and scary and cool.

and we are almost going to israel.
Baktash + i are meeting up with the fam (minus jorma, melinda + baby moore) in haifa for the month of june.

this is how i feel about seeing my family:

but that means i have to say goodbye to all my friends )which is really heart-wrenching (cant you tell by my face????):

no silly, this isnt all my friends! but some of the greatest. the women photos are missing. but that's allright. i'll do that soon. just you wait.

its complete b.s. that one cannot foster and accomplish amazing long-lasting relationships with people in less than a year. we were only here for 9 months, and i am so blown away by the depth and intensity of my friendships.

second, this book has really spoke to my whole perspective on life and confirmed all the heart and soul of peacebuilding work that i felt was lacking prior. so i rocked a couple of presentations on art in healing + creativity in peacebuilding. they were so amazingly empowering + exciting.

the book is called "The Moral Imagination" by John Paul Lederach:

this is how i feel about the next phase of my journey, damn it feels good to know that whatever step i make next, will be a great, exciting one filled with service, challenges + joy :

p.s. thank you to steve rozmus for the youtube clip. you rock, steve-o.

p.s.s. oops! his name isnt dick its jack. darn it. dick sounds so cool. right? heh. heh.


one truly great hippie (+ i dont say that much about hippies).

Devendra Banhart.

He's so cute and dirty and hippie-ish. His tunes are really great and funny and sad. i hope you like it or love it or hate it. i dont care, but i do and i dont. enjoy and laugh or cry or scream or simply comment or turn off your computer. okay. or not.

Here he is:

"little yellow spider" -- video with hippies dancing around being strange, eccentric and weird:

"at the hop" -- great video, beautiful production:



anne julie art

yeah, its been a while since i have blogged last. i am a freakin' grad student in case i never said that before. but like any great student, one has to procrastinate at times. heh, heh. so i figured it was time to post a new entry.

i wonder how you all are doing, how life is going...i've been thinking so much lately about how fleeting and exciting life is at times; how there are so many directions we can go in life. and its up to us. YAY! GIVE ME A HUG, TEDDY BEAR!! *smile* what i'm basically trying to say is grad school is almost over. i have three weeks left. WOOHOO! break out the kegger!! (not really, kegs are for college students and non-Baha'i's).

so, annejulie is pretty much amazing. i have three of her pieces. i found her on etsy about a year and a half ago and i am in love. she illustrates children's books as well as creates these amazing, whimsical images that depict sadness, mystery + joy so honestly. the honesty of her pieces has really touched me. alot of these pieces i've purchased for my future daughter, they would go beautifully in her room...cheesy, right? NO! they are beautiful and i wanted to show them to you all:

annejulie's etsy page:
annejulie's webpage: www.annejulie-art.com
check her out, and take care of yerselves.
kisses and teddy bear hugs.