a polaroid summer

we have had the most amazing summer filled of family, dear friends, laughter and waves. i learned how to boogie-board [i know, so extreme], which baktash and i can do together, having a blast laughing and crashing, my entire family came to LA [who would have ever thought!!] in cycles, we ate tacos till they came out of our ears, coffee till i got sick. i got to hang with shepard fairey, collaborate with my dear friend & badass aaron huey and go out to sodak twice to help serve the Lakota of Pine Ridge, i got to squeeze on some cute as hell babies, which happen to be my nieces and nephew, and much more, all the while living with this overwhelming sense of gratitude and awe that God can be so great, so generous with His love, His abundance of gifts and opportunities for growth and joy in this world.

i also go to do some photo shooting with some of my nearest and dearests. and here are the polaroids to prove it. enjoy: