ON BECOMING A SHE-BOT aka what i do on blizzard days @ home.

PLEASE click on each image to see it larger, and get the full effect:

"ON BECOMING A SHE-BOT" by Layli Samimi-Moore:

this was so much fun. i was snowed in today b/c of ANOTHER blizzard, so i entertained myself...and hopefully YOU. tell me what you think!

xxx.tremie the she-bot.


just because today was a beautiful day.

i don't even know Katy Perry's music, but this was DAMN good, it made me so happy. i am sure you'll agree.

p.s. thanks to timkonnmuthaf*ckas for this.


omg, are you ready?? i know i am!!

REMEMBER THEM?? HOW CAN YOU NOT?? this is going to be equally exciting and amazing. gosh, i feel like a kid again; all giddy and such...


p.s. thanks to banjo for sending me this!

how excited are YOU???


i love music

and so do you!

hi this is elise, guest blogging for layli.
my boyfriend and i are total music junkies. 
if you don't believe me you can check out our "podcast" here

Please enjoy two songs we have been listening to alot lately.

Also if you like spending money on good causes AND good music you should buy these two albums. I mean someone has to save the economy, right? Might as well do it while helping out ma dukes and HIV and AIDS awareness.

C.R.A.C. - Buy me lunch

Mayer Hawthorne - Just ain't gonna work out

over and out


hip hop hooray!! HAPPY NAW RUZ (NEW YEAR)!!!

so excited for the new year! here's to new starts, fresh beginnings, time to reflect, choose to progress, step forward in uncharted territories & cold kick it with homeys.


Blatant Hate Crimes Still Exist- right here in Rapid City

I have lived in Rapid City for seven months now and have been completely shocked by how thick the racism is here; it is like another world here.  A friend of mine said that it is like living in the apartheid here.  I would have to say that I agree.  Working for SANI-T (Society for the Advancement of Native Interests - Today), I work closely with the Native American community here.  

I came to work this morning and was told some news that has left me feeling nauseous  and emotional all day.  I am shocked that we still live in a time where ignorance and hatred are still running rampant.  

Please read this story, which describes the hate crime: 

Our office has been extremely busy all day - with news reporters coming in, radio stations calling, we hope this exposure will be enough to raise some serious awareness and make a change.  

I have to go, I have an interview with South Dakota Public Radio on this disgusting issue.


some things that stoke me out

kombucha, more warmly called "booch", cos Baha'is do know how to party:

hairstyles like these:

real deal tacos, carne asada with two whole limes:

the only tea that jacks me up, with agave and 1/2 & 1/2:

my dashing fiance/husband:

laughter and family:

my old friend's creative talent:


silence & peace of mind :

baktash's musical abilities, specifically, "pain in the rain".

things that make my life easier (and cooler - lord knows i need to be cooler) :

My American Apparel circle scarf (can be worn like, 89 different ways):
When worlds are re-united, families grow, and uber love is felt across the globe, warms my heart:
Photos of my besties when they were babies:
Friends who can't stop being silly and cute @ the same time:
Haifa, the Baha'i Holy Land @ night, sipping a hafoq gadol on Ben Gurion:
cutest possible offspring of dearly loved siblings:

guys like this dude:

and so much, so much more, but i have to go to bed now. 

can i get an "a-men", or a "i hear you sista!!"??

please tell me one thing -atleast- that makes you happy. 
PLEASE. lets get this positivity flowin, this happy mojo runnin', this vibe shuckin' and jivin'!!


Guest Blogging @ nineteendays.wordpress.com = Baha'is are super cool people.

come check it out! it is super totally tubular! it is 21 young Baha'is from all over the world taking photos on specific days of our 19 day fast - everyday it changes! there are photographs both morning and evening from each photographer, and then a reflection of the specific day of the Fast by each photographer. 

Today, my photographs are featured in the middle amidst Amy and Leila's, which are always RAD. come over and look. and then come back and tell me what you think! (i like to make you work! yah!!)


dude winter NEVER ends here in freakin' sodak!!!!?!?#?@$?@?$?@$?@$??

so will someone buy me this???? COME ON! ITS ONLY $349!!!!!! WTF?!?!?! IF THATS NOT A SCREAMIN' DEAL, I DONT KNOW WHAT IS!! come on, rich friend$!!! it snowed like, 2 feet and when i went to work this morning it was -5*F w/ a -18*F windchill. WHAT THE?!?!?!? WHO'S TRYIN' TO MAKE ME GO POSTAL???!?!??! 

save the lives of many poor, innocent south dakotans: you can purchase this for your dear ol' cold, sick friend who hates winter in sodak here. this would look so ridiculously HOT on me. PLUS, i could eat as many bonbons and creampuffs as i want alone in the dark under this thing and you wouldn't even NOTICE. come on. splurge, the dow is going back up, dawg!! YEAH!


Extremie in Local Newspaper!

click on the images to be able to read the article! 

you can also read the online version here.


the photographic dictionary

...is phenomenal!!! i strongly URGE you ALL to go check it out!! OI! What its about is that you choose a letter from the alphabet, then they have different words starting with that specific letter, then you read the definition and see a photograph depicting the word; its so awesomely RAD. HERE is the link.

 Here are some of my fab faves:

  • "ambiance" by katherine squier :
  • "away" by jackson eaton :
  • "dangle" by steven ly :
  • "destruction" by bea frendermen :
  • "distance" by silvino meldonca :
  • "gravity" by paul paper :
  • "karaoke" by hasisi park :
what do you guys think of this grand idea? grand or great or super dope??


GO RENT IT. the extremie meter gives it a whopping 91%. phenomenal acting by Scott Thomas. 

GO NOW. before some hipster that wants to be french does. I am sure there are only like, one copy at each store...


For Love of Michel Gondry + Funny Men.

I've always adored Michel Gondry and all of the genius-ness that makes up his incredible talent and creativity.  i have never understood the big deal with the Flight of the Concords, alot of there stuff is mediocre comedy, but i ended up finding some little Flight of the Concords treasures on youtube. here are a couple.

first music video directed by
Gondry - its pretty obvious:

and this one if for na'im and baktash, and how we like to pretend we are french, basically just like these guys; its pretty FREAKIN' AWESOME: