let's make a promise.

its almost february. its almost my 29th birthday. it was just yesterday that i was snuggling in my momma's arms! heh:

its a new year. and a fantastic one at that. lets make a promise to one another, shall we? we'll promise to make this our BEST-YEAR-YET. okay, now that we've agreed on that, i have a little present for you. well, not exactly from ME, but from 'somethings hiding in here' - its an awesome 2010 calendar for you to download and print off for your creative space, your office or your home! i downloaded it last month and love it. what sweet peeps over thar, at somethingshidinginhere! thanks dudes! to download it, click HERE that way, you can see for yerselfishes. here's a sample of the sweetness:

um, i also ADORE Nikki McClure and her lovely lovely papercut art. i have purchased her calendar's for 2 years now. i love them, probably because she's from Olympia, and i miss that home so much and she is REALLY able to capture the feeling of living in the great northwest. sighhhhh. here are a couple from her latest calendar:
so with that- have a great weekend!


new LISH and new photos of old faves:ah


can find them all HERE. aren't you excited!?!?! i am. and much more to come!! stay tunneeddddd....xxx.

which are your favesies??


if minneapolis is like paris, then what does that make rapid city. oh geeeeezzz:

i've been drooling over a lot of blogs the past two days, and i think it just hit me - in a big way - how much i miss: cities; good espresso; cute little cafes; nice streets to walk on with my husband; people to watch; art to see and get inspired by; photo shows; MUSIC SHOWS; a gang of buddies to go harass the city with, laughing so hard we disturb the peace; a farm to table food box delivery; cool haircuts; cooler clothes; family; ocean air; dense forests; bonfires - oh gosh i could go on and on and on.

forgive me, for being so restless, so crazy wrought with jealousy for those of you that can enjoy those small things in life. i am feeling a large void right now - missing the things listed above, even if i could just have ONE of them. its crazy how when you live somewhere sooooo remote, after you've lived somewhere "bigger", you realize how even the little, teeny-weeny things that you used to think were everyday routines in a different place, would be so relished right at this moment in time.

i think about my sister in portland, how she gets to go to stumptown whenever she wants + the photobooth @ ace hotel if she decided. i think of my father and mother who get to walk out their door down a block and have a great latte and walk another couple blocks, and go to the best co-op ever. i think of my brother and sister in law in china and all of the eye candy that they are inundated with daily (i am sure). i think of one of my besties, amanda, and how she gets to have tulips in mason jars all year long (we don't have such a luxury here in rapid). i think of amy who gets to see cute little cafes, pop up in her neat little brooklyn neighborhood. i dream of getting all of my loves together in a field and eating on one large long table in the middle of nowhere, much like this. trust me, we WILL do this, buddies. like in the next year - you down? um, how AMAZING will this be?? so amazing. definitely something to look forward to. for sure.

oh just the little things. the little things of life i miss. i don't know if i should keep reading these blogs, feeling a void here at the moment.

not that SD doesn't have its "perks"- but when the perk are the golden prairies and the cornflower blue skies with marshmallow clouds, and ITS WINTER AND 50MPH WINDS - you can't really enjoy the perk. yeah, the perk. hahaha. i mean, its pretty crazy, when you are DYING to go to minneapolis/st. paul because it feels like Paris to you. yes, that's where i'm at folks, if minneapolis is Paris, what is rapid city??!??! heh . heh.

i have some ideas about starting a collective project with some of you, dear friends. i am thinking and thinking about how we can all feel more connected...any ideas? help me. i am getting sucked in to a void of nothingness!!!!!!!

okay maybe not nothingness, just restlessness. connect me to you and your life. please? thanks. oh yeah, and will someone please take me here?!?!?!??!?!? like, now?!??!?!


um, can we all just take a moment and talk about how freakin' cute my niece is?!???!?!

thank you.

family is such a beautiful thing, I am so blessed to have SUCH a stellar family. we are all so close and open and truthful and loving with one another. i truly don't know what i'd do without the samimi-moore laughter and screams. if life is not about spending time with those you love, what is it??

i hope you are loving your family too, right this very second.

pretty amazing.

and i just love the background music.




" the biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy." - Forbes

things are really moving for me, i can feel a shift in my life and i am so ready for the new-ness, the change. every so many years, i get the hankering to move forward, take on an even larger challenge and get settled in it. maybe its b/c i love conflict and that feeling of tension and living in that energy. but more than that, i think i love progression. moving forward. stepping into that foreign place, not knowing what is to come, hurdling over greater and deeper rooted fears...one of my favorite quotes, that i have basically made my modus operandi is a quote by the Beloved Guardian of the Baha'i Faith:

"We can never afford to rest on our oars, for if we do, we soon see ourselves carried downstream again."

i love this and i try to live this. since completing my Masters thesis and making a really neat short film, working in a job in Sodak which i love, fighting for justice for a people i utterly respect and love, i feel really amazing! and i also feel that it is time for something new.

things are happening and it is really exciting. i will inform you more once it materializes. but that Forbes quote above i came across today and am really feeling it, b/c of where i'm at in my life...how i feel like i am and will always fight to do what i love and love what i do - THAT is quality of life. that is something we should all fight for within ourselves. no one is holding me back, but myself. word 'em up.


man the world is full of dee bags

this made me sick and awed by the sheer stupidity of some american citizens:

IN love.

BEACH HOUSE's new album is dropping real soon like. TEEN DREAM is ridiculously rad from what i have been lucky enough to hear. very different, more evolved, but still beachy. LOVE it. can't wait for it to come out and catch them on tour somewhere!

if i ever get the courage and motivation, and baktash and i do start a band, they would be my idols.

what is one of your favorite bands that is coming out with a new album soon?


hooked. on drew/natalie and their comics.

i find a genius comic @ least every other day on their 3 comic sites. my favorite tends to be SUPERPOOP and its random hilarity. ha! ha! hahahahahahaaa!

click on image to make it larger. trust me, its worth it. plus, today WAS a good day.

yet another amazing drawing from my brother.

| saltblock.tumblr.com |

i am assuming this is my husband with his cat, peeshee.


um, have i mentioned to you how RAD saltblock is???

...more importantly the trifecta that make up "saltblock"?
well dear readers, these three gents happen to be 3 of my favorite people. and this here drawing was made by my favorite person, my brudder, na'im. at the time (not sure if offer is still valid, but i am sure if you have a zany enough idea, it'll fly...), he was accepting requests for ideas for
sketches to post on their blog.

of course, i came up with a super rad idea. here were my requests:

  1. me riding a unicorn on a chinese prairie sipping a slurpee and eating bonbons while chinese men look on in awe and fear.
word em up, my brother is cooler and more talented than yours:
while you are still reeling from jealousy and anger that my brother is so cool & talented, take a load off and unleash the beast by checking out their blog frequently, they be some talented cats.


for mike, elise and namo. but mostly peef.

| found this amazing design here |

to give others context to why this pillowig is so amazing, is that mike used to wear our pillows on his head when he'd be goofing off and he looked just like this chick/ dude above (??). one of my favorite stories circa 2003-ish, was one night i was trying to sleep in my room in olympia @ about 3 am. i was roommates with elise, na'im and casey at the time.

there was all this commotion outside my window by the driveway where we parked our cars. then a big bang. and a bunch of laughing and "hee hee"ings.

and elise, mike and na'im decided it was a funny idea to dress up as fat as they could and go to the 24 hour supermarket to buy donuts. (i admit, a great idea). so they put on as many clothes as they could, layers upon layers to appear extremely obese. it turns out that mike had a pillow on his head just like above, except it wasn't actually made into a proper "hat" like the pillowig. elise was driving and had so many layers on that she couldn't physically turn her body around to see where she was driving her car and crashed right into my ex-boyfriend's car. a big dent and a bunch of giggling and 3 people covered in layers, so fat that they couldn't even move.

even though they crashed into jesse's car, they still went to get donuts.

true story, thanks asian chick/dude for reminding me of how amazing pillows on heads can be.

oh i forgot to show you!!

introducing...our 2010 honda element, better know as the baybee mobile:

we are so in love with our new car (and each other. doi).


let's start out the new year proper like.


"The earth is in motion and growth; the mountains, hills and prairies are green and pleasant; the bounty is overflowing; the mercy universal; the rain is descending from the cloud of mercy; the brilliant Sun is shining; the full moon is ornamenting the horizon of ether; the great ocean-tide is flooding every little stream; the gifts are successive; the favors consecutive; and the refreshing breeze is blowing, wafting the fragrant perfume of the blossoms. Boundless treasure is in the hand of the King of Kings! Lift the hem of thy garment in order to receive it. If we are not happy and joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait and for what other time shall we look?”


This quote is amazing. It helps me open my eyes to the life that is all around me, once I am able to do this, I am attuned to the energy and powerful vibrations that are all around me - especially when I am in nature. that is the best place to feel God and let go. It also helps me check myself to be more positive and strive to see the beauty in all things...sometimes that's hard when you are in negative digit temps in cold and frigid sodak...but you get the point.


This has been one of my favorite quotes for the last couple of months, it makes me feel proud of my honesty, rather than ashamed or overly sensitive to how others might take it:

"Never apologize for showing feeling.

When you do so, you apologize for truth."

-Benjamin Disraeli

Baktash and I just got back from LA where we were for 10 days, and I have been conscious of the fact that I have been MIA from the ol' bliggityblog. I have been feeling unmotivated and unexcited lately, maybe cos its winter, maybe because a lot has happened to me in the last 6 months and I am just now winding down...i am not sure. But I promise to blog more, as long as you promise to keep checking in and telling me what your thoughts are too, my two dear readers. ;) heh.

What are some of your favorite quotes to start off the new year??