um, have i mentioned to you how RAD saltblock is???

...more importantly the trifecta that make up "saltblock"?
well dear readers, these three gents happen to be 3 of my favorite people. and this here drawing was made by my favorite person, my brudder, na'im. at the time (not sure if offer is still valid, but i am sure if you have a zany enough idea, it'll fly...), he was accepting requests for ideas for
sketches to post on their blog.

of course, i came up with a super rad idea. here were my requests:

  1. me riding a unicorn on a chinese prairie sipping a slurpee and eating bonbons while chinese men look on in awe and fear.
word em up, my brother is cooler and more talented than yours:
while you are still reeling from jealousy and anger that my brother is so cool & talented, take a load off and unleash the beast by checking out their blog frequently, they be some talented cats.

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