let's make a promise.

its almost february. its almost my 29th birthday. it was just yesterday that i was snuggling in my momma's arms! heh:

its a new year. and a fantastic one at that. lets make a promise to one another, shall we? we'll promise to make this our BEST-YEAR-YET. okay, now that we've agreed on that, i have a little present for you. well, not exactly from ME, but from 'somethings hiding in here' - its an awesome 2010 calendar for you to download and print off for your creative space, your office or your home! i downloaded it last month and love it. what sweet peeps over thar, at somethingshidinginhere! thanks dudes! to download it, click HERE that way, you can see for yerselfishes. here's a sample of the sweetness:

um, i also ADORE Nikki McClure and her lovely lovely papercut art. i have purchased her calendar's for 2 years now. i love them, probably because she's from Olympia, and i miss that home so much and she is REALLY able to capture the feeling of living in the great northwest. sighhhhh. here are a couple from her latest calendar:
so with that- have a great weekend!


montague said...

How cute are you and your mom??? Adorable!
Also, thanks for the calendar link... I love it!

samimi-extremie said...

thanks, amyjoon!! yes, the calendar link is totes rad!!!!

baktash said...

looks like your mom is snuggling with elsa baybee!