for mike, elise and namo. but mostly peef.

| found this amazing design here |

to give others context to why this pillowig is so amazing, is that mike used to wear our pillows on his head when he'd be goofing off and he looked just like this chick/ dude above (??). one of my favorite stories circa 2003-ish, was one night i was trying to sleep in my room in olympia @ about 3 am. i was roommates with elise, na'im and casey at the time.

there was all this commotion outside my window by the driveway where we parked our cars. then a big bang. and a bunch of laughing and "hee hee"ings.

and elise, mike and na'im decided it was a funny idea to dress up as fat as they could and go to the 24 hour supermarket to buy donuts. (i admit, a great idea). so they put on as many clothes as they could, layers upon layers to appear extremely obese. it turns out that mike had a pillow on his head just like above, except it wasn't actually made into a proper "hat" like the pillowig. elise was driving and had so many layers on that she couldn't physically turn her body around to see where she was driving her car and crashed right into my ex-boyfriend's car. a big dent and a bunch of giggling and 3 people covered in layers, so fat that they couldn't even move.

even though they crashed into jesse's car, they still went to get donuts.

true story, thanks asian chick/dude for reminding me of how amazing pillows on heads can be.


becks said...

this is a great story, made me chuckle for sure.

namo said...

this really made my day. i have to find a photo of that pillow headed peef now.

samimi-extremie said...

becks: cool!
namo: DUDE PLEASE FIND ONE. i might have one too. but for sure you do. i'll put it up.

elise said...

Hee hee hee hee