PLEASE president bush, fix the economy & oil prices!!!...for Diddy...

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT DIDDY HAS A VIDEO BLOG?? WOW. i ask myself every minute: WHAT THE HECK DID I DO BEFORE I KNEW DIDDY HAD A VIDEO BLOG?? i mean COME ON, what did we all do before diddy had a vid. blog??? dont you think that we will all be better human beings if we subscribe to his blog??? oh well, i am totally going to subscribe to it. i mean, come on, that guy is a walking comedian/genius. 

i must say, this was too funny to pass up. take note of the part where Diddy makes a shout out to his "Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters", etc. it is pretty amazingly priceless. i usually dont put swears on my blog, and i may delete it soon, but for those of you that read my blog frequently, i didn't want you to miss out on this ridiculousness. i cannot accurately put into words my feelings on this clip, it is kinda beyond genius it is so bad. it is so bad that it is hilarious. this youtube clip was supposed to be removed from youtube, and it hasn't been yet, so count yerself as luckyducky.

Diddy should follow suit:

(image taken from superbomba)

tell me, my dear two readers, did you:

1. like this clip?
2. LOVE this clip?
3. HATE this clip?
4. get angry at this clip?
5. wish i hadn't posted this clip?
6. thank me for the rest of your life and give me your first million dollars clip?

love love and more love.

p.s. man that made my day, my month, possibly the best blog post ever. 


its bound to melt your heart...

mr. larry robinson. 

baktash and i were running down the beach, chasing waves and i saw this gentleman standing so peacefully and watching the waves and taking it all in. my heart kind of sank, because i wondered if he was lonely and wishes he had someone to share the moment with. so i ran up to him and asked if i could take his portrait as a way of talking to him. he was so so so wonderful and we talked for 20 minutes while baktash beachcombed. his was the kindest, most loving and wonderful gentleman. i need to do things like that more often. i think we all do. you never know how lonely people can be sometimes and how much it might make a difference to go show love to a total stranger. it made my heart feel good. 

p.s. his trucker hat said "home is where you park it" with a drawing of an RV. totally rad.


introducing: bakattack (!!!)

well some of you may already know that my man is an extremely talented "human bean" (coined by my lovely sister in law:
shirin sahba moore), but if you knew it and didn't KNOW it, here is a preview of some of his work, which i may add, is mostly adhoc.

take a peek:

and if you'd like more, go to his NEW
myspace music page!!!! WOOHOO!! IT ROX!! ITS RAD!! i know myspace is basically low class garbage at this point, but it is still good for music. (and ladies and gents who want to hook up in a gross, dirty way)

p.s. when you go to his myspace page, you can even hear a song featuring yours truly, samimi-extremie. its titled "valium", we made it in one take, freestyling if you will, while i was setting the table for dinner...

i am now back in minneapolis, heading to s. dakota in a week.

i miss my bakattack.
(and my banjo)


some tasty morsels from my time in Cali.

to my two dear readers:

i didn't bring my digital cam to LA because i thought i would just use baktash's. well, it broke after the 2nd day of me being here. and i forgot my polaroid. so here are the fisheye photos from my trip. well, atleast some of them. you can go to my FLICKR if you want to see them all! i hope you're all doing well and enjoying the last days of summer...xoxoxo.



bollywood + dee.oh.dubba.gee = reedickulously fantastic.

i would like to dedicate this to my new nephew Na'im Maxwell Piff!! He's one day old today!!!

keep an eye out for snoop's bangle earring...i simply cannot believe this video.

p.s. big ups to banjo/elise for showing me this video.


yay for LA-ay.

ok. so i'm off to LA to see my man and my buddies. i can't wait. i get to see baktash, elise, ellie (AND HER BABY!!!), theresa, umra (madeek), hun, burt, etc., etc. i'll keep you posted...


polaroid portraits of my dear grad school buddies.

i miss the bejeezus outta these folks, specifically, but not limited to... :

HUN - representing Cambodia + Socal:
THERESA - representing LA + St. Louis:FARAH -- repping New Mexico:KYA -- repping Japan + Korea:(his highness) ROLAND -- repping Cameroon:
SEEMA -- repping Bahrain:

TERU & ASMI -- repping Japan + DRC, respectively:

KNOWLES - representing Maine:JEAN D'ARC -- repping Rwanda + the Congo:JON -- repping Illinois:
I obviously couldn't get (or afford) to take everyone's portrait, I wish I could have taken them all...cool, eh??