KELSEY + MATHAI WEDDING || film & digital from layli samimi photography

Hey Ya'll, it is my distinct pleasure to post the much anticipated photos I shot from Kelsey + Mathai's wedding. I shot mainly film + polaroids [the polaroids, you can see in this previous post] and obviously digital too. There are no words to describe how much fun it is to work with these two wonderful people. There hasn't been a moment when I have been shooting them that I wasn't laughing and filled with joy, they were willing to try any shot - and as you can see, were creative with their own poses. From their engagement photoshoot up until their wedding day, I have been so blown away by their love for one another, their deep friendship, calming presence and their life that will undoubtedly be filled with laughter and beautiful creative endeavors. I am honored to have been able to capture their special days through my eyes, and adore them for allowing me to do so. Enjoy. 

> kind note: all images ©laylisamimi photography ++ click on any of these images to enlarge it! 

all my love to you, kelsey + mathai

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