nice old treats in the old market of tel aviv.

my sister: i haaaaaaaate jaffa, i dont want to go there mom!
my mom: come on guys, trust me you'll LOVE it.
me: are you sure? or do the bazaars there just smell like fish and human urine?
my sister: uggggghhhhhhh!!
my mom: you guys NEVER want to do what i want to do! (as she looks down real sad) i'll just go with my friends sometime then...(another sad tone)
me: let's just go!
my sister: shenken + shukka carmel are SOOOO much better!
shirin sister-in-law: yeah! i really want to go to shenken and shukka!
my mom: TRUST ME. jaffa is great.
us: okkk...

here's some PURE AWESOME-NESS that i found in jaffa. be prepared, its so SICK you might puke (comments for each photo UNDERNEATH each image):

ok. do i really need to say anything about this image?? if i do, you are too stupid and un-funny to get it. "no agoostas dear!! save some room fo' lata!!!" (PLEASE SOMEONE REMEMBER WHERE I QUOTED THIS FROM!!) who buys this stuff??!?!? i did laugh so so hard when i saw these fat people. peef, take note of the lady on the bench squishing her husband and being completely oblivious. this is a sink. a SINK. a sink for unicorns. or as na'im and decided and mani-corn, a man turned unicorn. but na'im like uni-man. i like mani-corn better. unless the mani-corn has a UNI-BROW THEN, he could be a mani-corn uni-man.
this awesome chaise lounge was 2,000 sheks. that's like $500. damn, in the states that would easily go for $3000. sigh.
i don't really need to say anything but: THIS IS RAD. RADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
i love lilies. so so much. the cafe that housed them was even cooler.
dude, this image cracks me the heck up. i mean, we got snow white's 5/7 dwarfs, a creepy 14 year-old dingy troll, some cool lights, and some freaky crap.
psssshhh. another dress for My Little Pony. she's everywhere. (kinda cool, kinda lame).
i even found that my man had converted from the Baha'i Faith to Judaism. sheesh.

so basically i dont know why any of us were complaining or not excited to go to jaffa. if the photos didnt drive that point home for you, i dont know what will. as it is obvious to see from the photos, jaffa is THE BEST PLACE EVER.

so bascially the day ended with my mom saying : "i TOLD you guys..." with a smirk on her face, a look of victory.

i love my family.


i am fully aware that Dov Charney is a raging pervert.

...but he doesn't participate in slave labor or hire four year-old orphans to work for him. and i'll admit it--i love his gear. i will also admit that some of his advertisements are for prostitutes. but you cant stop me from wearing it. sorry.

there is also something to be said about the models who seek out AA, in the sense that haven't they seen the advertisements? i mean, come on. you expect to be treated with utter and complete respect and honor when most of the shots are of women with their bums hanging out or their breasts fully exposed? come on ladies. dont you think to a certain extent you are already aware of the discrimination and objectification going on?

so with that in mind i just wanted to show you four things: one thing i hate from there, one thing i am excited about them getting, and two items i already own that i love.

HATE (i always start off negative!! damnit!!):

SERIOUSLY who would wear this dress. it is so deeesgusteeengg!! that dress wouldn't look good on anyone. ANYONE. the only creature that "dress" would look decent on is My Little Pony.

two items i own that i really, really LOVE:

i love both of these so much. great colors and great cuts.

item that is "coming soon" that i am really EXCITED about:

very, very cute skirt. very, very short skirt but really cute with leggings and tights. i cant freakin' wait!

HEY! do you hate or love AA???

QUESTION: i HAD to change the font color and the font of the blog entries. the white on black was hurting my eyes...was it a good idea or did you like the white font color better? this seems easier on the eyes--what do you think??


flafeel & homos.

first, a little disclaimer from samimi-extremie:

ok. so there is all of this "blogger" pressure to be this super witty, brainiac, know-all-the-coolest-blogs blogger that takes really cute pictures of stuff, like, "this is what they serve at my favorite diner"--click! and then post it. BUT what i am saying is, forgive me if i dont always make you laugh or make you think "gosh, layli is so witty". because there is no part of me that prides my blog on that characteristic. like today, i found this blog called "dooce" i'm not even going to "hyperlink" that blog, cos it just seems so cliche. but the deal is that SHE supports her husband AND daughter by writing her blog. now, seriously, how weird (and kinda fascinating) is that?? yep. pretty weird. and she just talks about her life on the blog. and people are FASCINATED by it. they go gagagoogoo over it. now, folks, this is where America finds itself in trouble. the fact that "dooce" has 1137 comments on each of her blog postings, is really telling of the state of our country. people are more interested in what dooce craps for breakfast than how many people are dying in hmmm..lets say Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, etc. (sadly the list doesnt end), or even how many people are dying in their own communities due to poverty, lack of education, lack of justice, racism, discrimination, globalization, starbucks + burger king (i mean, not really burger king, but i thought i mine as well get SUPER liberal for ya'll and the starbucks name drop is for all you hippies out there that claim to hate starbucks but when no one is looking you roll up in there with your crusty mason jar and ask for a mocha-mint frappucino).
our reality has become a non-reality, drowing in this romantic notion of non-conformity when in fact we have all become conformists.
p.s. i also dont proof-read my blog entries. what can i say? i'm a non-conforming rebel.
to be honest, i just like to shoot the breeze from time to time and show you guys a few of my favorite things. which mainly just turns into me showing you guys some polaroids i take and think "hey cool! these are practically extinct now and so my friends should see this!!" or some dude making an idiot out of themselves from youtube. but, whatever.
so yeah. back to flafeel and homos. i'm in israel, remember? you four readers who occasionally browse to my blog? well, for you four, sometimes maybe five, i will be sharing with you some great polaroids that were taken as of late:

i am sorry that i havent taken any cute photos of my food to share with you guys. so the title of my entry may seem misleading perse, but i trust you four readers have an imagination.
this photo of na'im and i, i especially love:

i wanted it to be reminiscent of the polaroid taken of banjo + i last april, yanked from my flickr site:
so the samimi-moore/sahba/aazami clan just got back from mitzpe ramon (old fossil of a crater)/dead sea (evaporating salt pond)/108* too hot of weather road trip through the negev desert of Israel. if you four readers show some love, maybe i'll post something about it. maybe a few photos of na'im drinking water from a camel's mouth or baktash diving to the bottom of the dead sea with his EYES OPEN.
okay, now i have to go to bed. but not before i eat some flafeel & homos. (there are really are signs here that spell it like that).


haifa, israel.

so baktash and i have made it to israel in one piece after having a 14hour too long layover in amsterdam. (damn, that place SUCKS). i got to see the redlight district forthe 1st time, i think na'im and i blanked going there when i was there before...i dont know HOW. it was so sad-- the red light district, that is. i mean, there were 15 year old girls in those rooms. sigh.

but now we are in haifa with my family minus three. we really REALLY REALLY miss my older bro, his wifey and there baby on board. nonetheless, it is really great to be back.

things to do in israel, specifically haifa:

1. go the the Baha'i Shrines and pray + meditate.

2. eat shwarma

3. eat falafel

4. go to the beach

5. go get really really good coffee (i'm serious, they have it in gas stations..and its WAAAYYY better than starbucks times like, eleven--NO JOKE)

6. go bargain in the junk part of town for cool junk.

7. have fresh squeezed juice daily (man, i sure dont miss VT)

8. laugh with the fam.

9. think of how rad haifa is.

that's about it for now. so here are some polaroids as of late (the last one obviously photoshopped, cos my film is getting busted) :

thanks to my sister in law and namo, i have this really neat-o video to share with you all. this is basically how i feel about being done with school and being with my family(minus 3 :():

it really reminds me of my friend, miral. if you know him, you are blessed.

how is your summer going? is it as RADICAL as mine?? heh, i dont think so.