there are a lot of Baha'is in the world, whether you know it or not. so many of my dearest friends who are not Baha'is have told me time and time again, that "they have never met a Baha'i they didn't like & think was awesome". and while i am sure that one day they may meet one they don't like, as there are currently more than 5 million of us spread all around the globe. but one thing i REALLY, REALLY love about my religion is that there are sooo many inspiring individuals who seek out creative paths for the pure love of art - and expression of it, and they do not lose sight of their relationship with their soul along the way. i think this can be a challenge for all of us. BUT i get really excited to see awesome people doing awesome, positive work, especially when they get quite a bit of hype too.

so many people hear the word "religion" and automatically think "so uncool", "so oldschool", so this, so that. and i can't blame them, it can totally be true. sure you may call me bias, but some of the coolest, most inspiring individuals i have met are Baha'is...Baha'is who are constantly striving to do what they can with their unique gifts to contribute to the betterment of our world and in some way, making the world a more tolerable, beautiful place to live in.

religion CAN be cool. religion can be forward thinking. religion can be full of a bunch of really neat people bursting at the seams with delightful creative processes*.

in this case, its two wonderfully creative Baha'i men - Ferraby Lionheart & Rainn Wilson:

this music video is hilarious and beautiful. ferraby just came out with his new album which is reallllly good and he is currently on tour with the WATSON TWINS (hell yes!!!). here is his video featuring Rainn:

Here is an article in SPIN mag
about ferraby and rainn's collaboration.

Have a listen for yourself & check him out on tour. Here is ferraby's myspace page.

and also, i really really love this song that ferraby sings, which is a prayer by Baha'u'llah from the Holy Writings of the Baha'i Faith:

Ferraby Lionheart sings a prayer by Baha'u'llah from Jack On the Road on Vimeo.

this of course isn't to say that those that are not Baha'is are "less than" IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD. most of my dearest friends are not Baha'is and i celebrate them the same.


gimme gimme more pasta please!!!

okay. samimi-extremie is boss blog is not a food blog in the sense that i'll be documenting all my eats and telling you all about them. though i really respect people that do. in fact, i LOVVVVVVE it. i love this recipe so much that i spent the time to take some pics and share it with all of you!! i really hope you like it. i spotted it originally in smittenkitchen and have made it a couple times and me and the husband just die for it. i have altered it for my taste a bit and thought it'd be a good time to share it with you all cos the tomatoes are really in season right now and what a great opp. to use them!!

this post is especially for my ol' buddy patrice who has herself an awesome food blog fantastic mr. feedbag and my pops doug because he hates huge chunks of veggies in his pasta sauce. ;)

here are the ingredients [
simple right?!?!] . minus my toes, of course. well, you could TRY to get my 10 toes, but i think you'll lose that battle like real quick (please note the BEAUTIFUL rug hand made by Baktash's grandmother for our wedding --- AMAZING):

sometimes we use brown rice noodles, MUCH better for you, though not as wonderful tasting on this sauce. so get some tomatoes, preferably from your local farmers market. different varieties makes for a mean tasting pasta. you need to peel them and half them throwing them in the pot. {note: BUT if its not tomato season and/or you live somewhere like alaska or antarctica where your produce STINKS sometimes, use canned peeled GOOD tomatoes.} sprinkle a little salt on them if you like:
then halve your yellow onion, put 4-5 tablespoons of butter in the pot as well, cover and let simmer on med-low stirring semi-frequently so all those juices get flowin'. and also, after the tomatoes have cooked a while, they'll soften and then you should mash them against the pot with a wooden spoon to break them down/apart. cover and let simmer, stirring semi-frequently. i also sometimes crack black pepper over the sauce to give it a little extra oomph:
about 45 minutes later (though i like to cook it for a realllly long time, to get the onion flavor out more...so i try to cook it for about 90 minutes if i have time), once the butter rises to the top - you can see the fat from the butter rise in little "puddles", then you know its done. [this photo steamed up my lens. it made me laugh]:
the original recipe says to "discard onions before serving" and i say, "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO SUCH A STUPID THING??!!" the onion is realllly tasty and really nice and soft, we eat it on the side or atop our pasta sauce.

then make some noodles and EAT YOUR FACE RIGHT OFF:

we found that adding some fresh parm is really nice too, though you don't really need it, as the flavor is really fantastic without it.

if you try this recipe, i'd love to hear what you think/thought!! hit me up!

i hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer...get those tomatoes while you still can!! also, share with me some of your recipes! i'd love to hear (taste) them!

eat well, put love in to your food and share your meals with community and loved ones. that is the way we are meant to live.

eat up & eat well!


man we had a productive day today. we went to a friends sweet corn harvest/roast out in the country. then we went swimming AND i got my film developed from today. ALL IN ONE DAY. OMG. LOL. ROFLMAO. TGIF:

this home

there is something extra special about being able to walk in high grass while the wind blows you deeper in to it. you can lay down in it, and you become swallowed whole, enveloped and invisible. its pretty rad. if i could spend all my time in high prairie grass, i would. in fact, i am planning a picnic on a cool day soon for me and the hubs to experience being little and connected to the ground. it'll be like a scene from that one bug movie, er, the one with that guy with the glasses who is nervous and panicked a lot and he shrinks his kids...HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS!! thats it!!

i will miss this. south dakota is really special.


is it just me or is best coast pretty bodacious??

Best Coast "When I'm With You"

takes me back to my oly days and its great summertime music. fun punky girls kick butt.

three theengs

...a wishlist.

i love whales...so much. i worked on whale watching boats in Alaska for a total of 11 months of my life for 12 hours a day. it was so amazing and what a gift it was...holy moly. when i found this box, i feel like i NEED it. i love it so very much. and i could hide my little sneaky theengs init. found here =
one of my favorite theengs about clothes and fashion is color. i have always loved bright, bold colors. and colorblocking?? are you kidding me? totally fantastic. i am kinda the colorblock queen. so naturally when i spotted these gems, i died probably 14 times. want. want want!! [originally found on this AMAZING blog]
and this hair- i mean, come ON. THIS HAIR. is amazing. i only wish i lived somewhere that i would be taken seriously and have this hair. but it wont happen and so life goes on, sadly and not as colorfully. ;) though, the model kinda freaks me out a taddd bit, she kinda looks like a haunted, dead barbie doll/lion:


skyping can make my world spread family distance more tolerable.

he is a genius. but i bet i didn't even need to say it:

leifer is so hard he even uses a REAL mic whilst skyping:

elsa even has baby twins to help prepare her for her new brother and sister!! auntie extremie X3!!!!!! whutt-whutt?!?! :



when did and WHY did this become the definition of beauty in mainstream society?? geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no curves whatsoever. just bones. and bones. and more bones.



[sorry i cannot remember the tattoo artist…just say it was someone really damn cool]

i’ve never wanted a tattoo, though i really appreciate good ones that don't have green dragons drinking PBR or a crocodile smoking a cig --actually that croc would be pretty cool. there's a line with tattoos where they are either really cheesy or really classy...if i ever was to get one, it’d be something between these two of these fonts. i think. but right, that’s the thing, i’d change my damn mind and it’d be too late cos it’d be tatted on the right side of my face, going down my neck onto my thigh...sigh...

but for reals, that tattoo is really beautiful and so simple.

what do you guys think?

speaking of delicious fonts, i sure as heck wish blogger had better fonts. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!


i love you, my tatted friends and readers.


[beautiful photo that i've loved for ages by the one talented mr. BRYAN SHEFFIELD]


summertime film

summertime is the best. especially when you are always waiting for your film to get developed. i hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the warmth and light. xxx.


getting a white manicure is getting it right.

now lets just see how long it takes me to chip these babies.

Rest in Peace.

[Eldridge "Dennis" Grinell in the blue hat]

Dennis has an amazing, inspirational story...one day we were visiting for a couple of hours over coffee and he shared some of his life with me. he lived on the Rez for a long time and was an severe alcoholic, one day he decided to quit drinking. he told me that the only way he knew he'd be able to stay sober was to dedicate his entire life fighting for social justice and Native rights. and that's what he did. He died suddenly a week ago, and i miss him very much. this humble post is for you, dear friend; big ups for the work you have done and the strength you held through turbulent, trying times.

rest in peace to my dear friend, Eldridge "Dennis" Grinell. we will all miss you very much. your service to the community hasn't gone unnoticed.

much respect.



i thought it would storm tonight. i waited and waited. looking up and feeling the wind and the humid air. i wrestled my hair so that it wouldn't whisp in front of my lens. i swore i HEARD the clouds moving, forming, breaking apart, getting ready to give way...

life is really changing for us. and waiting and listening seems to be the current, relevant reflective, mindful practice.