three theengs

...a wishlist.

i love whales...so much. i worked on whale watching boats in Alaska for a total of 11 months of my life for 12 hours a day. it was so amazing and what a gift it was...holy moly. when i found this box, i feel like i NEED it. i love it so very much. and i could hide my little sneaky theengs init. found here =
one of my favorite theengs about clothes and fashion is color. i have always loved bright, bold colors. and colorblocking?? are you kidding me? totally fantastic. i am kinda the colorblock queen. so naturally when i spotted these gems, i died probably 14 times. want. want want!! [originally found on this AMAZING blog]
and this hair- i mean, come ON. THIS HAIR. is amazing. i only wish i lived somewhere that i would be taken seriously and have this hair. but it wont happen and so life goes on, sadly and not as colorfully. ;) though, the model kinda freaks me out a taddd bit, she kinda looks like a haunted, dead barbie doll/lion:

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