Rest in Peace.

[Eldridge "Dennis" Grinell in the blue hat]

Dennis has an amazing, inspirational story...one day we were visiting for a couple of hours over coffee and he shared some of his life with me. he lived on the Rez for a long time and was an severe alcoholic, one day he decided to quit drinking. he told me that the only way he knew he'd be able to stay sober was to dedicate his entire life fighting for social justice and Native rights. and that's what he did. He died suddenly a week ago, and i miss him very much. this humble post is for you, dear friend; big ups for the work you have done and the strength you held through turbulent, trying times.

rest in peace to my dear friend, Eldridge "Dennis" Grinell. we will all miss you very much. your service to the community hasn't gone unnoticed.

much respect.

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