man we had a productive day today. we went to a friends sweet corn harvest/roast out in the country. then we went swimming AND i got my film developed from today. ALL IN ONE DAY. OMG. LOL. ROFLMAO. TGIF:


flashlightfaces said...

oh my gawd, haki, you just keep getting better and better. When I don't think you can, you do. Bam. That second one of Bak is great. And I love that you don't notice him really in that one where he's really little. I think us kids need to start a collection of photos like that. I have one. I know Namo would have quite a few. Etc.

Also -- that picture that's under your title, it is so you. I think it is in the top 5 most you photos ever. The eyes, the wave background, the shirt (oh man, the shirt!)... sheesh! It's like a bunch of things that I identify you as rolled up into one photo.

samimi-extremie said...

thanks, booboo that is the sweetest thing to say. it really means so much to me!!

yeah, i was thinking about what you said about that photo -- i think the best photos are taken when the person is the most happy.

i love you.

p said...

Your photos always make me want to be where you are. The one of Baktash is inspiring. I adore it like thisssssssss much.

samimi-extremie said...

oh p - you are the sweetest around. blush blush.