loneliness is our friend.

the last couple of years, before my husband moved out to south dakota with me, i was here alone for a 14 months. in lonely priaries, taking lonely photographs of lonely landscapes and beautiful clouds. i walked in the fields all day sometimes, sat and listened to the wind blow my hair and the golden grass around. i've been lonely in alaska, on the grey beaches and navy mountains, clear emerald green water washes to sea my loneliness. i am sure we have all been extremely lonely at one point in our lives or another. so many friends would call me concerned, saying, aren't you really lonely all by yourself in sodak, layli? i would say yes i am. but i love hanging out with myself. i love spending time with nature, it feeds my spirit.

even when we are in large groups of people we can feel lonely. one of my favorite quotes is from isaac brock, and he says, "i'm miss you when you're around". so much of loneliness to me - if it feels painful and sad, is an indicator that i am supposed to connect with my deeper self, see how i'm feeling, and what has been going on in my life and how i have been reacting to those things, good or bad or sad or mad.

that is why i am showing you this clip about "how to be alone". it is really special to me, and really touching and i think you will enjoy it greatly.

i've always said that if you aren't a good friend to yourself, then you cannot serve others in a any good, sustainable way. listen to yourself, see what comes up and don't be so chicken $hit to figure out how to listen and do something about it.

thanks to my dear friend jessa for showing me this clip. it really made my heart sing. how wonderfully beautiful and so well articulated & shared:

go do it.

here are a couple of my beautifully-lonesome shots:


Abby said...

Thank you Layli,this is so inspiring to me. "Dance like nobody is watching,its goergous and afffective" Really I am alone much on the time in the new town I have lived in for two years and after time it has felt wonderful especially coming from a town when you really are never alone or it seems hard to get to that place. Loneliness is something I have always feared but have slowly taught myself to embrace that feeling. Thanks for loving and sharing your great words from within. Love and miss you always.

gus said...

so sweet and great advice/reminders. all we really need is ourselves, and a sick guitar.