killing us softly by jean kilbourne

i came across this about a week ago and i was hooked. Jean Kilbourne is fascinating and highly articulate and intelligent. this is something ALL of us should watch and continue watching the entire documentary. when i found this, my brother & sisterinlaw and i could not take our eyes off it. watch this "trailer" and then if you so desire, watch the following links related to this post on youtube.

what do you all think about what she is saying? i for one, haven't been able to stop thinking about it wherever i go. be it the grocery store or looking @ the billboards in my town...its freakin' everywhere. and i notice it soooo much more now (not that i didn't before, but it is a heightened awareness). like, there is this advertisement for the Sturgis bike rally here and they are advertising the fact that Bob Dylan and The Doobie Brothers (or some awesome band like that) are going to be playing, and there's this 16 year old girl with fake breast in a bikini standing there. that's the only image, god forbid they'd use Bob Dylan's FACE or something like that.

anyway, i thought you'd all highly enjoy this engaging talk.


Raymond said...

Great find Lay. It's a shame there weren't more men sitting in the audience.

Jessa said...


samimi-extremie said...

booshy: thanks, bro, i am glad men appreciate this. even if they are already obviously awesome. ox

jess: word to you grrl.