be still, my beating heart.

// layli samimi photography 35mm diptych - Baha'i Holy Places, Israel


three things

// hey there my fellows! its just layli here, signing in.

i just wanted to share three things with you, as i like to do from time to time. just a little sharin', a little carin' and a little love. so first things first - my dearest m. ward is coming to los angeles and we got tickets. thanks for the heads up from the lovely gol, i was able to rush on over as soon as they announced ticket sales, and buy some of the last tickets. the show sold out in less than 50 minutes and i can't tell you enough how psyched i am. the show is in an old masonic lodge in a cemetery [i know, right?!!] and only 400 people are coming. intimate and quiet, just my style. thursday night, here we come!

i mean, i like zooey and matt together [she&him] but am so thankful that he is finally coming out with another solo album; its been almost 3 years and that is far too long for a fellow lady like me. and when they came out with a christmas album together, i kinda cried. well, let's just forget that ever happened and that he would do that, and let's forge onward! click here to see if he will be coming to your city! and if you're lucky, and live overseas, he's playing with FEIST [gasssp!!].
// also - i'm a total photographer. like, you can hire me and i can take sick photos of you and your loved ones. thanks to the sweet iris and greg, i had the honor of shooting their wedding party this past weekend in santa barbara. isn't she lovely??? i am going to have to call her mom and get tips on how to make a beautiful flower crown like the [glowing!] bride below:
// and oh, last but definitely not least -- my dear, sweet, hilarious elsa bee. here she is, running and singing down every aisle of the grocery store in the frog boots she's been wearing for the past year and a half that baki and i got her. i mean, if this photo doesn't bring a smile to your face, you have a cold, cold heart:
her boots are always on the wrong feet - its kind of the cutest thing ever.



photography by layli samimi and quotes by her & her loved ones; 
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and the geraniums were outta sight // israel film shots part II

there are times when i go back home to israel when the geraniums aren't in full bloom, they're just little guys, still beautiful and vibrant red but not crazy electric red as they were this winter. i mean, it was pretty unreal, how red those outrageously stunning flowers were. my brother at one point, commented, "i mean, lay, they are so red your eye cannot even focus on them for too long or make them out", which then quickly spiraled in to me teasing na'im that he was going to go blind if he kept looking at them, etc. etc. [trust me -- we are quite the comedy duo].

here are some 35mm shots [part II of my israel film shots] that i just got developed and they are not photoshopped. that is how red they were, and even redder, as we all know that film photography kinda mutes the colors a bit...

this collection of photographs really mean a lot to me and i hold them really close to my heart. for all the obvious reasons: the Baha'i Holy Places; my beloved family; 35mm film, etc. etc. but these are really special to me, i think the color and the mood that was captured in these shots was soooo accurate that i feel as though i am transported back there just by looking at the photos. i mean, like, really transported back. it is strange. and awesome. i also feel that the photos are able to humbly capture the "other worldliness" of the Baha'i Holy Gardens, at least for me, and for my experience [which is what's important, anyway, right? when one is trying to document their life, it is most important that it make sense to the creator/documentor...right, am i right??].

without further ado, here they are, in all their ________________.

all of us dudes.

that's my sister, sitting there on the stairs of the terrace!

i love how my sister's tights match the sky. ahhhh.

dougie fresh
one of my favorite shots of all time.
this post is dedicated to my sister, for she was a large part of my inspiration for these shots.
*israel film shots part III+ coming soon.


so it is official!!!

and yes, it is officially one of my favorite days in the past year: i finally purchased laylisamimi.com and will be building a proper [and bodacious] photography website!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! like, i'm soooo excited and happy.

and it feels so good to be taking these crucial steps to take my art [and craft] seriously. like, sooooo good. and so right. i remember always loving photography, like, since i was 11. and then i remember telling myself, "layli, you really just need to take your love for photography seriously. i mean, you love it so much that you should honor that love and be serious about it." none of this "dabbling" anymore. none of this "wishywashy-ness" about the things i love. and why can't i do something that makes me so happy? a wise friend told me that things that come easy to us as individuals [that we have a true talent in], things that bring us joy, comfort, lightness, happiness and ease, are the things that we are meant to dedicate our time on.

you guys should try it. take something that you've always loved and tell yourself that you are going to fully commit to it - take it serious and give it the respect and honor it deserves.





photography by layli samimi and quotes by her & her loved ones; 
new piece up every friday. see all of them here.


israel film shots // part I

i just got back from the Holy Land and it was soooooo refreshing and rejuvenating to be with my family [minus my older brother and his cute family]. i feel so blessed to be able to be in Israel for a month and to have such an amazingly close-knit, hilarious and creative family. i shot five rolls of 35mm film; i'll be posting throughout the next couple of days. i hope your winter break [if you had one] was super fun and filled with laughter and quality family time.


oh man

adrien brody & willem dafoe walking the prada show:

via my grrl shaads:

i love this photo -
 willem on the catwalk?? HAHAHAH! he's such a character!

looking slick gentlemen!!