so it is official!!!

and yes, it is officially one of my favorite days in the past year: i finally purchased laylisamimi.com and will be building a proper [and bodacious] photography website!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! like, i'm soooo excited and happy.

and it feels so good to be taking these crucial steps to take my art [and craft] seriously. like, sooooo good. and so right. i remember always loving photography, like, since i was 11. and then i remember telling myself, "layli, you really just need to take your love for photography seriously. i mean, you love it so much that you should honor that love and be serious about it." none of this "dabbling" anymore. none of this "wishywashy-ness" about the things i love. and why can't i do something that makes me so happy? a wise friend told me that things that come easy to us as individuals [that we have a true talent in], things that bring us joy, comfort, lightness, happiness and ease, are the things that we are meant to dedicate our time on.

you guys should try it. take something that you've always loved and tell yourself that you are going to fully commit to it - take it serious and give it the respect and honor it deserves.



Capone: said...

this makes me so happy - i can not even begin to tell you how much.... :D

Kissley Leonor said...

that's great layli! looking forward to seeing it. i've always adored your photography and frequent your blog (but can never think up a witty enough comment to post!) good luck with all your artistic endeavours - you are already a big success! x from london, kissley


thank you both!! kissley, your comment is so touching, thank you for your kind words!!