and the geraniums were outta sight // israel film shots part II

there are times when i go back home to israel when the geraniums aren't in full bloom, they're just little guys, still beautiful and vibrant red but not crazy electric red as they were this winter. i mean, it was pretty unreal, how red those outrageously stunning flowers were. my brother at one point, commented, "i mean, lay, they are so red your eye cannot even focus on them for too long or make them out", which then quickly spiraled in to me teasing na'im that he was going to go blind if he kept looking at them, etc. etc. [trust me -- we are quite the comedy duo].

here are some 35mm shots [part II of my israel film shots] that i just got developed and they are not photoshopped. that is how red they were, and even redder, as we all know that film photography kinda mutes the colors a bit...

this collection of photographs really mean a lot to me and i hold them really close to my heart. for all the obvious reasons: the Baha'i Holy Places; my beloved family; 35mm film, etc. etc. but these are really special to me, i think the color and the mood that was captured in these shots was soooo accurate that i feel as though i am transported back there just by looking at the photos. i mean, like, really transported back. it is strange. and awesome. i also feel that the photos are able to humbly capture the "other worldliness" of the Baha'i Holy Gardens, at least for me, and for my experience [which is what's important, anyway, right? when one is trying to document their life, it is most important that it make sense to the creator/documentor...right, am i right??].

without further ado, here they are, in all their ________________.

all of us dudes.

that's my sister, sitting there on the stairs of the terrace!

i love how my sister's tights match the sky. ahhhh.

dougie fresh
one of my favorite shots of all time.
this post is dedicated to my sister, for she was a large part of my inspiration for these shots.
*israel film shots part III+ coming soon.


flashlightfaces said...

you kill me

mommymo said...

These photos are seriously AMAZING! So lovely, striking and tranquil.

Mauricio Dumet said...

awesome set!! brought back so much memories...
love the tones and light, and the last shot is definitely a fave, has got to be that sky full of cotton balls. ;)

leila said...

you're right, lovely layli. these photos truly are transporting. thank you for this breath of divine air.


oh dudes- sooo glad you like them!! mauricio! yes! cotton ball clouds most. def! ;D

so happy you all found peace in these!! xo