a new spin on an old fave

LISH's CHILKATS with sterling silver chain (new design) are some of my faves, ever- a mix of hard and soft - just posted on:

they make great holiday presents & gifts for your lovers!! ;)


big accomplishments feel f-ing RADICAL.

i love having my masters degree in Conflict Transformation! it feels soooooooo good and i am soooo relieved its over!
also, going to minneapolis this week to see
the family and see mason live!!!

watch out!


hit the ground running

i am off tomorrow morning to vermont to defend my masters thesis!
AND i made a film! my first one ever. this will be the bulk of my presentation.
so stoked.

so stoked for this to be OVERRRRRRRRRR!!!

wish me luck.



we're half awake in a fake empire: a reality check

i found this on my friend saman's blog here. a film by Ryan Lewis from Seattle.
it really blew me away, maybe its what i needed to see, really powerful.

how did it make you feel to watch it?
what did it make you feel?
are you a slave to technology??

wtf ever happened to picking up the phone and TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER? what about having coffee??

i need to get off my macbook more...even though it is fun.

come visit me in sodak and i promise i'll get off my technology to kick it.

what do you think?