we're half awake in a fake empire: a reality check

i found this on my friend saman's blog here. a film by Ryan Lewis from Seattle.
it really blew me away, maybe its what i needed to see, really powerful.

how did it make you feel to watch it?
what did it make you feel?
are you a slave to technology??

wtf ever happened to picking up the phone and TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER? what about having coffee??

i need to get off my macbook more...even though it is fun.

come visit me in sodak and i promise i'll get off my technology to kick it.

what do you think?


Petal said...

That's awesome. Heywood and my friend Erika both are friends with Ryan, well I suppose Heywood is more of a acquaintance through DJ'ing.
I just recently had Heywood change the password on my facebook so I can't get in... after two days I broke down and asked for the password. It's horrible!
Now that I'm not able to use facebook I frequent blogger, flikr and live journal, it's like I feel I'm not connected.
Funny thing is my best friend called me for the first time in forever, thanks to not using facebook.
Gosh, you feel more connected but really you aren't at all, you're all alone in-front of a computer.
By the way, if you ever want to go run around in the hills I'll go with you! My poor car is all smashed but I've got feet and I could borrow Heywood's car.

Hope your thesis is going well!

ryan said...

It's all well and good except that without the very technologies that he seems to be railing against, no would would ever see his film. Nor would we be having this conversation.
I think it's important to be conscious of our (over)use of computers and phones to connect to others, but at the same time, think of the possibilities that these technologies enable!
Way more upside if you ask me.

flashlightfaces said...

beautiful reminder.

baktash said...