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hello dear readers! i know some of you enjoy coming to my blog here to look at my photographs that i post from time to time. i wanted to let you know that i have started yet another blog (count 'em, i now have 3). wow. i am a blog addict i guess. here's the deal. i started samimi-extremie-photography.tumblr.com for a couple of reasons. i think its important for me to have a place - besides my flickr where strangers (and friends alike) can come and peruse my photography without having to sift through my expression, rants and raves, my recipes, and youtube clips that i find hilarious. so i invite you all to go here from time to time, add it to yer blogroll, and check to see what's hot off my cameras. i would really love the support, if you are on tumblr, or have friends who are, i'd much appreciate the shout out and direction to my new photo blog. i am trying to re-focus my life right now...thinking much more seriously about my photography and what devoting more time to it might mean for me.

i appreciate all the support you have all given me regarding my photography and i am thrilled that people appreciate my work, as i appreciate sharing it with all of you...

i love photoshoots (obviously, right?) and snapping shots and i'd love to do your next photoshoot. pass it on. :) email me: samimi.extremie@gmail.com

i hope you're all doing wonderful! more soon.



dude, me and my kale chips hang out almost everyday. its pretty fantastic. i know its super easy to make them, but a lot of people have been asking me how to do it. so when i was baking some up today, i decided it wouldn't take the much work for me to document it for you, dear readers, so that you too, can consume COPIOUS amounts of kale. and like it.

here's what you'll need:
  • kale washed, and preferably organic
  • brewers yeast
  • spike (all around awesome spice mix or about 4,042 different herbs and veggies)
  • olive oil
first step - preheat oven to between 350-375*F wash your kale leaves and tear into smaller sections (it doesn't really matter the size since they shrink sooo much). then, toss in olive oil, i've found that mixing it with my hands works best in order to coat all the kale lightly, also the olive oil is a good moisturizer for your hands (small joke): lay out on a cooking sheet and try to make sure they are not laying on top of one another--this isn't a teenage slumber party, this is a respectable 6 year-old birthday slumber party, where they're all laying close to one another but not crowding too much. sprinkle a good amount of brewers yeast and moderate amount of spike on the kale greens:
after they've been cooking for about ten minutes, take them out and you'll notice they are starting to shrink. at this point, flip them over with your spatula:
after another ten minutes or so, they should be crispy. they need to be crispy, not burnt. and if they are still "wet" or soft in some areas, you'll need to keep them in for a while longer. they should totally be crispy- like a chip. doi. they should resemble this:once they're out of the oven and finished, you can serve immediately, or keep them in a glass container with a lid to preserve them (but dont seal them until they have totally cooled down!):eat up and feel good about yourself that you are actually enjoying kale, its not hard to chew, and it really delicious! be proud of yourself for eating a food that is like the most healthy food on the planet:tell me how you enjoy this recipe or if you have another yummy way to make kale chips! xoxo. extremie.


let's help one another!

hook me up with your favorite recipes! let's share over our laptops and mugs of coffee or tea! i just found this recipe and i love carob and i am dying to make it. originally found here. i'm not vegan, nor do i want to be, but i respect the clean diet. and i really respect using maple syrup as the sweetener!

what say you? you likey? tell me if you try it before me!


hello dear readers, i have been in a blogging stale holding tank the last couple of weeks. a lot has changed in my life real quick. all good things, but its been hard trying to figure out how to maneuver in this new life routine of funemployment. sometimes fun and sometimes un.

but one thing that i always get pumped about my loved ones and our coffee; its honestly my favorite thing in the world- sitting with my favorite people over good coffee drinks. and the samimi-moore's are pretty much freaks about it. like when a doctor suggested to my father to "cut back" on his 4 lattes a day routine, he told me he was like, "what? really? you can't take that away from me, you want to take away my life?", or like when we had a mini-reunion in minnesota this summer, all we did was search the corners of the twin cities, on a mission to find THE best espresso. it was so much fun. below, are some photos from that excursion, among other places...that is something that never gets played out for me.

i just started a new blog (i KNOW how many flippin' blogs can i have???) and its strictly for my photography. (more juicy deets on that soon...)its really exciting for me, and of course, i think of good coffee when i am excited. and also, as i have been going through all my photographs (WOW), i realized that there is a pretty amazing theme here...tell me what you think it is. hahaha. no seriously.

here i am in olympia @ OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING CO., which has like, 6 AMAZING coffee shops, all in walking distance from one another. its like, a little slice of heaven in oly. no joke:
here is my dearest friend, charlie and i at maybe the best coffee house in the states, LIGHTHOUSE:

here's we are in minneapolis at SPYHOUSE, my and the brother jorma morma:
here is my beautiful sister at my other favorite coffee house in portland, STUMPTOWN off division:
here's the brotherdude namo at the ANGRY CATFISH in st. paul, minnesota:
here's our (semi-adopted) brother casey @ OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING CO.:
so let's all raise a warm mug to one another over our laptops as we connect with one another in a really weird, invisible way.

i hope wherever you are you surrounded by loved ones and GOOD coffee.
over n' out.
xox, extremie.



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“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” – Andre Gide

i've been avoiding my blog for a while now...mainly because i don't feel i have much to share, nor do i feel especially inspired. but i push myself to post, as it helps keep me on my creative track, and its fun. as some of you know, we are working on re-locating to the left coast. like, really soon. i can't even begin to express how vital it is that we are by the ocean at this point. the quote above, was sent to me by my lovely sister and i feel like it so adequately articulates where i'm at. or rather, where i've been. on the plains. on the prairies, far, far, far away from the shore. i love this quote so much and am so thankful to now have it in my knowledge bank/human brain.

tell me how you're feeling!


i got elsa some dinosaurs

don't ask me why this is so small. maybe because my niece is. this is really cute. and who doesn't love those dinosaur capsules that turn into shapes once they touch water???

nature is mindblowingly amazing.

Foods organized by Colour. Photos by Linda Lundgren. i snagged these photos from my dear friend, the other leili's tumblr (which is super rad, always dishing out neat things). isn't this AMAZING?!?!?!

and these timelapses are particularly striking. i love peonies so much and so of course this is one of my faves:

Peony flower / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

this one is particularly touching, very poetic and i believe it to be an accurate description of us humanoids, ever striving to progress and grow and develop:

Anemone climbing up / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

okay this is the last one i share with you. its a timelapse of the seashore in italy. again, very amazing and extremely peaceful! love it!

Sea sun waves / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

i find myself constantly wooed and wowed by nature, the colors, the shapes, the smells, the tastes. we are pretty damn lucky humanbeans.


oh my

i miss the ocean on a daily basis. like, i literally DREAM about it. when i found this clip, i felt like a part of me had been fed. and i don't mean, i got hungry. this video would be better with one of my favorite songs, "deep blue sea" by grizzly bear (which we played at our wedding right before the ceremony...seemed fitting, as we were right by the water).

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.

isn't it beautiful!??!


the merits of the scheme!




someone who works for arcade fire's music video's is a huge awesome nerd.

about a week ago, we posted this awesome arcade fire experience titled "wilderness downtown" on our fashion/art blog here. it was an awesome experience right? well, thanks to ungtblod, i found that there are two other ones from arcade fire:

  1. black mirror
  2. neon bible
they are super awesome and interactive, click all around the page when the song(s) start playing. i love where technology is going...though overwhelming at times!!!


we had a great weekend. we watched this GREAT movie. and this is my great husband.


geo metro convertible.

DUDEEEEE. baktash and i saw two mid 60 aged people in THIS car yesterday, and the seats had plastic covering on them that looked like showercaps with the TOP DOWN and FEELIN' it. and they were speeding. like they cut off the car in front of them and probably felt really cool and thought that cutting people off was legit cos they're in a convertible...oh man...and we laughed really, really hard and i was like, "ONLY in sodak would we see this!" and baktash was like, "that's not true, i could totally see you and elise driving around this thing in silverlake with your hair down and your sunglasses on". holy sheesh did i laugh. mostly because he was right. i love me some elise emerson belknap. i wish we would have gotten a photo of the couple it was super epic. dude these people who own this car must love geo metros. hahhahahaaa!



thanks to my lovely towfigh for sending this to me. i love it and find it to be extremely true! we should all think about what motivates us and why and what we are going to DO about it.

no wonder i am not excited to go find a job where i work for someone other than myself. THIS ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE TO ME.

i love that he speaks about the fact that if we change the way we approach our time, energy and work, we'll actually make the world a better place...faster. LOVE this.

what do you guys think? does it ring true for you?