geo metro convertible.

DUDEEEEE. baktash and i saw two mid 60 aged people in THIS car yesterday, and the seats had plastic covering on them that looked like showercaps with the TOP DOWN and FEELIN' it. and they were speeding. like they cut off the car in front of them and probably felt really cool and thought that cutting people off was legit cos they're in a convertible...oh man...and we laughed really, really hard and i was like, "ONLY in sodak would we see this!" and baktash was like, "that's not true, i could totally see you and elise driving around this thing in silverlake with your hair down and your sunglasses on". holy sheesh did i laugh. mostly because he was right. i love me some elise emerson belknap. i wish we would have gotten a photo of the couple it was super epic. dude these people who own this car must love geo metros. hahhahahaaa!


tony said...

post of the year right here. so good.

flashlightfaces said...

that is hte most accurate thing Bak has ever said.