hello dear readers, i have been in a blogging stale holding tank the last couple of weeks. a lot has changed in my life real quick. all good things, but its been hard trying to figure out how to maneuver in this new life routine of funemployment. sometimes fun and sometimes un.

but one thing that i always get pumped about my loved ones and our coffee; its honestly my favorite thing in the world- sitting with my favorite people over good coffee drinks. and the samimi-moore's are pretty much freaks about it. like when a doctor suggested to my father to "cut back" on his 4 lattes a day routine, he told me he was like, "what? really? you can't take that away from me, you want to take away my life?", or like when we had a mini-reunion in minnesota this summer, all we did was search the corners of the twin cities, on a mission to find THE best espresso. it was so much fun. below, are some photos from that excursion, among other places...that is something that never gets played out for me.

i just started a new blog (i KNOW how many flippin' blogs can i have???) and its strictly for my photography. (more juicy deets on that soon...)its really exciting for me, and of course, i think of good coffee when i am excited. and also, as i have been going through all my photographs (WOW), i realized that there is a pretty amazing theme here...tell me what you think it is. hahaha. no seriously.

here i am in olympia @ OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING CO., which has like, 6 AMAZING coffee shops, all in walking distance from one another. its like, a little slice of heaven in oly. no joke:
here is my dearest friend, charlie and i at maybe the best coffee house in the states, LIGHTHOUSE:

here's we are in minneapolis at SPYHOUSE, my and the brother jorma morma:
here is my beautiful sister at my other favorite coffee house in portland, STUMPTOWN off division:
here's the brotherdude namo at the ANGRY CATFISH in st. paul, minnesota:
here's our (semi-adopted) brother casey @ OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING CO.:
so let's all raise a warm mug to one another over our laptops as we connect with one another in a really weird, invisible way.

i hope wherever you are you surrounded by loved ones and GOOD coffee.
over n' out.
xox, extremie.


flashlightfaces said...

So perfect. And since when is casey "semi" adopted? he is full adopted. Love these photos.

tony said...

oh man, not starting more blogs is a daily battle for me.

in this case, the tumblr was long overdue.

samimi-extremie said...

booboo: ok okok. you're absolutely correct.
tony: daily battle. its kinda nuts. maybe we need to join a bloggers anonymous? thanks for the tumblr love, bud.

tony said...

very welcome. i expect to see myself back in your blawg-roll within the hour.

SummerLen said...

totally enjoying a cup of Heritage Black Gold whilst reading this and loving. Loving, loving, loving.

tony said...

french pressing it in the cubicle.