dude, me and my kale chips hang out almost everyday. its pretty fantastic. i know its super easy to make them, but a lot of people have been asking me how to do it. so when i was baking some up today, i decided it wouldn't take the much work for me to document it for you, dear readers, so that you too, can consume COPIOUS amounts of kale. and like it.

here's what you'll need:
  • kale washed, and preferably organic
  • brewers yeast
  • spike (all around awesome spice mix or about 4,042 different herbs and veggies)
  • olive oil
first step - preheat oven to between 350-375*F wash your kale leaves and tear into smaller sections (it doesn't really matter the size since they shrink sooo much). then, toss in olive oil, i've found that mixing it with my hands works best in order to coat all the kale lightly, also the olive oil is a good moisturizer for your hands (small joke): lay out on a cooking sheet and try to make sure they are not laying on top of one another--this isn't a teenage slumber party, this is a respectable 6 year-old birthday slumber party, where they're all laying close to one another but not crowding too much. sprinkle a good amount of brewers yeast and moderate amount of spike on the kale greens:
after they've been cooking for about ten minutes, take them out and you'll notice they are starting to shrink. at this point, flip them over with your spatula:
after another ten minutes or so, they should be crispy. they need to be crispy, not burnt. and if they are still "wet" or soft in some areas, you'll need to keep them in for a while longer. they should totally be crispy- like a chip. doi. they should resemble this:once they're out of the oven and finished, you can serve immediately, or keep them in a glass container with a lid to preserve them (but dont seal them until they have totally cooled down!):eat up and feel good about yourself that you are actually enjoying kale, its not hard to chew, and it really delicious! be proud of yourself for eating a food that is like the most healthy food on the planet:tell me how you enjoy this recipe or if you have another yummy way to make kale chips! xoxo. extremie.


pDawg! said...

totally radical - I love kale! I've always made threats about how I'm going to make these but with addition of brewer's yeast this is pretty much in the bag!

samimi-extremie said...

yeah p, the brewers yeast pretty much KILLS it. i think i'd be on the fence it i couldn't sprinkle that goodness on 'em. xox

Mary Nevin said...

yum!! I'll be making these tomorrow!! :)

Steve said...

One of my housemates is into raw foods (and so am I) and she makes kale chips in her dehydrator. I don't know if she adds olive oil--she does season them and I think nutritional yeast may be part of it. In any case, her two year old daughter totally scarfs them down.

Haleh said...

Yummy to this fat little tummy!XXOOXO