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happy friday, ya'll.


three tings

1. i am in love. i mean, look at this! the cheer it evokes is enough to splurge and purchase these babies!
//// anzfer on etsy ////
2. i absolutely love these prints by claire nereim. i want them for my breakfast nook. now that i am a california resident, i especially appreciate her prints; she does ones of the seasonal veggies grown in cali, to the flowering trees in cali. see all of them here.
3. and if it must be known, i miss my niece, viola.


ah yes, its that time again, polaroid time. i was fortunate enough to remember to bring my holgaroid and some pax of film to elise's wedding and here are a couple of the best shots. also included are some sweet shots of amanda and her kiddos and i in malibu the other day. i hope you enjoy them! i especially like the way the pool shots turned out; the water looked so cool.



photography by samimi-extremie and quotes by her & her loved ones; 
new piece up every friday. see all of them here.



hey dudes. i just felt so moved to do a post regarding summertime one [or a couple] last time. summer in LA is pretty subjective, because the weather is nice every STINKING day here and it is sunny 24-7. as i write this post, i am sitting in my breakfast nook with the window open, light streaming in with my lovely french press. ahhh. life is good, but its also the little things. for sure. do you make sure you take a step back and just WITNESS your surrounding, the sights, the sounds, the smells? even if you aren't somewhere completely glorious? its about perspective, people, perspective and attitude. what do you guys do to appreciate where you're at, even if its not like living on a balcony overlooking the french riviera with your yacht and your tanned husband bringing you fresh flowers every morning?

anywayssss--- here are some recent shots that i got developed from my vivitar 35mm [aka trusty companion]. we went to minneapolis/st. paul to visit my brother's family and our extended family. my parents were able to make it over from israel, my sister from brooklyn and us from LA. it wouldn't be an extremie tradition without all my lovely friends coming to visit me from all over the world/country. casey was here earlier this summer and for those that don't know, he's like my 3rd brother. so there will be some shots of him in here too. and of course, my lovely friends elise and rollie got married.

how was your summer? don't you feel fall in the air? its is kinda exciting and also kinda sad. i gotta hit up the beach a couple more times before it is officially fall here in socal.

herein lies some of our summer adventures:

auntie shirin and elija
two cuties that were just chillin on a stoop in minneapolis. :D
we were oh so tempted to get in on the rock music video that was shooting, but we had our own party instead.
me and ma boiiii
my dear old alaskan friends, sisters kerrie and karina in venice - dear friends for 17 years!!

heyyy cutie
one of the prettiest places in the world.
the baybeez
c-dawg out for coffee

miss elsa on the rides.

going to minnesota

the bride when she was a bride to be - south pasadena
i love these shots SO FREAKIN' MUCH.
second year wedding anniversary trip up the coast - montana de oro
rolise wedding party
three of the coolest, most amazing people IN THE WORLD - pho in st. paul
my husband is extreme - jetskiing on bald eagle lake, MN, my aunt and cousins in sailboat behind...
my cousin adam and his toys

summertime is the best time - [bald eagle lake, MN]
how was/is your summer? i would love to hear what adventures you were up to!

*again, i can't be bothered to spell check/edit my posts. don't mind any errors, i just get these posts out as fast as i can.



okay. i'll be a total jerk and admit that some photobooths at weddings are pretty lame and don't feel fun or amusing and they don't look like an actual authentic photobooth.

but leave it to my grrl elise and her sister noel who is a mad artist genius and our dear lovely friend karen, they came up with the SICKEST photobooth for a wedding ever.

as you'll see below, we may have gotten a little carried away with the photobooth shoot[s]. but that's what weddings are all about - getting carried away by the love, excitement, cupcakes, flowers and unicorns.

so here, my dear friends are some of my faves:



heart stops living
photography by samimi-extremie and quotes by her & her loved ones; 
new piece up every friday. see all of them here.



- shakespeare 

let's just make it easy for ourselves, right dudes?? [props to sis for this quote - dig it!]



my best friend elise just got married to rollie, one of my favorite men. i just got the film developed of the roll i took at their glorious wedding weekend in southern cali. baktash and i were both in the wedding party which was so fun, as we got some good shots of the entire group together. it was such a hoot and i am sure the photos will speak for themselves. below are some of my favorites -- aren't they a radiant, beautiful couple?!?!?!:

walking to the chapel
portrait thyme for dangerthyme
cutest photo!
bridesmaids & bridesbeef
the brother sister duo.
team spazzzz
the groomster

the loveliest of the lovely.
during the ceremony
one of my favorite shots, orchestrated by the photographer extraordinaire, bobbyaazami [ourfavoriteday photography]
there are some friendships that i am sure [or hope] that you all have, ones that you know that you'll grow old together, laugh through the years together, support one another and be family. elise and rollie are those two for baktash and i, and for that we are so grateful. i am so thankful to have these two in our lives for the rest of our lives.

congrats, hiphophooray to the most beautiful, loving couple. i know for certain you two will have a lovely life together filled with happiness, love and joy.