HEY MY DUDES! sorry for my lack of posting and especially sorry for my absence during my weekly friday's "HERE'S TO LONGING" piece. so sad that i didn't post it. but does helping one of your best friends get ready for her wedding in a beautiful little town in southern california in the woods, swimming, laughing, prepping, running around like a giddy bridesmaid count?? yeh, i thought so. ;)

no but seriously, i am sorry, as i have promised you, my dear readers that every friday you'll have a new piece up. but i am sure you'll be forgiving and understand. it will never happen again! and while i'm at it, let's give three cheers for elise and rollie for getting married this past weekend!!

so yes. ahem. now. back to bidness, and count that every friday i'll be posting a new piece, so this friday i'll have another one up:


photography by samimi-extremie and quotes by her & her loved ones; 
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