slumdog millionaire

the family is all together (YES!!!!) here in freezing a$$ minnesota for the holidays. everyone. and we went and "celebrated" christmas eve by watching this amazing, hilarious, touching flick (we don't celebrate christmas because we're all Baha'is). i truly recommend you see it, particularly in theatres, because the soundtrack will blow your mind.

five words: go see it.  


i am in love with kylie and mark (LISH thanks you...)

big ups to kylie and mark for their refreshingly creative shots modeling for LISH. kylie is one of my favorite photographers. someday we are going to meet up and do THE most elaborate photo shoot -- EVER. just you wait. i adore them both as photographers and even more as models. man, they are amazing. period. 

which one is your favorite?? 

i love you kye and mark!

thanks so much. they're all so fabulous.


and cheers to our Truths.

I've been focusing a lot on how important it is for us to stand out on our Truth. whatever that may be. for if we do not honor our truth(s), have the courage to listen to ourselves, acknowledge and face them, we don't have much.  Life really means nothing unless we stand out and up for what we believe in. however large or small that may be...if we cannot be candidly honest with ourselves and others, about what we need or want or dream for, we aren't living for ourselves. speaking directly from our hearts, even if we are shaking or crying. standing up for something everyone else disagrees with. being honest to someone you love. being honest with yourself. LEADING WITH YOUR VULNERABILITY.

this humble mix tape and its songs (except for the last one by Lykke Li) is for my dearest friend and hero, teacher and confidant: Patrick J. Hill. He passed away this summer and I miss him everyday; I could cry anytime thinking about him. But i feel him with me. lots. even here is freezing a$$ cold SD. I wouldn't be living the life I am today if it weren't for him teaching me to lead with my weaknesses and constantly question and search for the truth in all things. Patrick has so much to do with all of my goodness, my development, my bravery.  This is me thanking him; I miss him so very, very much.  Track 5 is especially for him.  And the last track, well, that track is for my fiance. 

Please listen to all songs. I believe there are 8.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

thank you Patrick for helping me foster my intellectual and spiritual capacity.
here's to our Truths and our self-progression.


Not Gesturing w/ all Five Fingers:

what would i do if i couldn't laugh @ bushy? he's so hilarious! lookie here:

please ignore the really bad song. but this is best version i could find that has html...my favorite part is 2:22...and 4:00 ...oh man:

i recommend you go
here to see the best version off BBC online...enjoy!


oh for adoration!

With a blizzard/ice storm moving into Rapid City, temps getting as low as -46* with windchill, I don't think that I have to say that I'm staying in, with plenty of time to enjoy things + blog...Hence, a list of things I'm currently adoring:

  • My buddy Leila recommended this book on her blog.  I have been excited to read "Transforming Body Image" for about two months.  I bought it for a penny -- no joke -- off amazon. It has been such an amazing experience to read this book!!

  • I haven't taken my latest LISH design off. "Voice Truth" is made with bone and 14k gold chain.

  • oooh aaaah, I don't believe I love anything as much as AA when it comes to threads. Here is the Bat Wing Hoody:
  • Oh, for the love of UNICORNS.  To see the world or unicorns, go to: www.unicorns.com  (aren't they MAGICAL???) :
I hope that all of you are on warm sandy beaches enjoying drinks with umbrellas in them. But me, I'm freezing my A$$ off. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Frozen Love From Yours Truly:

Ice Queen AKA Sam-Ex.


watch this flick:

this movie is awesome. i loved it so much and i thought i should share it with you all...(Mads Mikkelsen is deadly).

...now, back to reading police reports...(i'm on my 5th...sheeesh).


for me sister in law shideen.

all of these gems of photos are taken from my FLICKR friend, arak10th1
whose works blows my mind. my eyes almost explode when i gaze at all these gems. oh but the scooters, the scooters are for you...


mr. samimi-extremie.

baktash and i are officially engaged!!!! thanks God to Iran. we are so damn happy i can spit; our families are full of joy and bliss; all i see are baby deer and candy canes!! I NEVER WANT IT TO END!! OH MY GOODNESS! LOVE IS AWWWWEESSOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!
I have asked some of my dearest friends to give me ideas for what our last name should be once we wed...here are some of the best ideas...what are your ideas??

my name: layli samimi-moore
his name: baktash aazami

and i dont want to get rid of samimi. cos then i wont be extremie. i'll be something lame, like lazeemee.

here are the thoughts from my best buddies' noggins:

  1. S.A.M
  2. Layli Samimozami
  3. SamiMooreZami
  4. Layli Samoza
  5. LaySamoza
  6. Mooresamazami
  7. Samoorani
  8. Samaazamimi
  9. Baktash's Squaw
  10. Aazami-Extremie
  11. Aazamoore
what do you like best? what can you add to this delicious list??