slumdog millionaire

the family is all together (YES!!!!) here in freezing a$$ minnesota for the holidays. everyone. and we went and "celebrated" christmas eve by watching this amazing, hilarious, touching flick (we don't celebrate christmas because we're all Baha'is). i truly recommend you see it, particularly in theatres, because the soundtrack will blow your mind.

five words: go see it.  


gus said...

ray and i saw slumdog on thanksgiving. loved it till the ending which blew and the dancing only sort of made up for it. i did finally watch after the wedding, per your rec., which was mesmerizing and left me in awe of people's capacity for love, understanding and selfishness. also the ending did not blow.

samimi-extremie said...

the ending was a tad cheese. but after the wedding did not blow at all. in fact, its fantastic. superbly fantastic. i'm glad you liked it goose.