oh for adoration!

With a blizzard/ice storm moving into Rapid City, temps getting as low as -46* with windchill, I don't think that I have to say that I'm staying in, with plenty of time to enjoy things + blog...Hence, a list of things I'm currently adoring:

  • My buddy Leila recommended this book on her blog.  I have been excited to read "Transforming Body Image" for about two months.  I bought it for a penny -- no joke -- off amazon. It has been such an amazing experience to read this book!!

  • I haven't taken my latest LISH design off. "Voice Truth" is made with bone and 14k gold chain.

  • oooh aaaah, I don't believe I love anything as much as AA when it comes to threads. Here is the Bat Wing Hoody:
  • Oh, for the love of UNICORNS.  To see the world or unicorns, go to: www.unicorns.com  (aren't they MAGICAL???) :
I hope that all of you are on warm sandy beaches enjoying drinks with umbrellas in them. But me, I'm freezing my A$$ off. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Frozen Love From Yours Truly:

Ice Queen AKA Sam-Ex.


shirin said...

i LOVEEE that hoodie
and that porcelain cup thing is kinda amazing
does it come with the top too?

samimi-extremie said...

i know right??

yes, it comes with that lid...shhhhh, i'm buying it for mom's bday....


namo (but call me fern) said...

my unicorns are the favorites for me.

Jason said...

I used to have a plate with that unicorn on it... seriously.

amy said...

i really want that 'not a paper cup' cup. I seriously nearly bought one a few weeks ago!

samimi-extremie said...

jase: that is highly unlikely...and HIGHLY AWESOME.
amyjoon: i KNOW! go get one!! they're "all the rage"! ;)