and cheers to our Truths.

I've been focusing a lot on how important it is for us to stand out on our Truth. whatever that may be. for if we do not honor our truth(s), have the courage to listen to ourselves, acknowledge and face them, we don't have much.  Life really means nothing unless we stand out and up for what we believe in. however large or small that may be...if we cannot be candidly honest with ourselves and others, about what we need or want or dream for, we aren't living for ourselves. speaking directly from our hearts, even if we are shaking or crying. standing up for something everyone else disagrees with. being honest to someone you love. being honest with yourself. LEADING WITH YOUR VULNERABILITY.

this humble mix tape and its songs (except for the last one by Lykke Li) is for my dearest friend and hero, teacher and confidant: Patrick J. Hill. He passed away this summer and I miss him everyday; I could cry anytime thinking about him. But i feel him with me. lots. even here is freezing a$$ cold SD. I wouldn't be living the life I am today if it weren't for him teaching me to lead with my weaknesses and constantly question and search for the truth in all things. Patrick has so much to do with all of my goodness, my development, my bravery.  This is me thanking him; I miss him so very, very much.  Track 5 is especially for him.  And the last track, well, that track is for my fiance. 

Please listen to all songs. I believe there are 8.

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thank you Patrick for helping me foster my intellectual and spiritual capacity.
here's to our Truths and our self-progression.


Fara_Gi said...

i love you and your truth speaking dirty mouth too much.

gus said...

whoa Samimi - just in time for resolution making. Also, I'm glad you joined the wonderful world that is mixwit!

gus said...

listening to your mix- I always thought I hated wilco but that song is really good.

Layli said...
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samimi-extremie said...

farah diva: i love you too. and i DONT have a dirty mouth! do you even see any curse words on my blog??? NO.

goosey: thanks! and i'm glad i turned your mind around about wilco!! ;) heh. gotcha.

elise said...

i have been thinking about patrick so much lately. thank you for this post it made my day. and thanks for being my fan on mixwit loves, i am and always will be your biggest fan.. or one of many ;)

Chad Michael said...

Hi Leili,

It's Chad Eller from TESC. My friend Mara just linked me here and I wanted to say hi. I haven't read through a lot, but this posting made me think of this essay by Mark Twain that was just published in the New Yorker winter fiction issue. I hope you're doing great -- it sounds like it. Even though it looks like you're in South Dakota!?!? Yikes Cold!

Big Hug,


ps. if you don't have a new yorker subscription, write and I'll give you my pw. chad.eller@gmail.com



baktash said...

omg. i've been wanting to give you a shout-out with that song for so long now!! i love u baybeeee! yeah boyiee