this home

there is something extra special about being able to walk in high grass while the wind blows you deeper in to it. you can lay down in it, and you become swallowed whole, enveloped and invisible. its pretty rad. if i could spend all my time in high prairie grass, i would. in fact, i am planning a picnic on a cool day soon for me and the hubs to experience being little and connected to the ground. it'll be like a scene from that one bug movie, er, the one with that guy with the glasses who is nervous and panicked a lot and he shrinks his kids...HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS!! thats it!!

i will miss this. south dakota is really special.


Mary Nevin said...

i love south dakota!! what stunning pictures!! you definitely have a gift :)

samimi-extremie said...

thanks so much, mary!! you are too sweet!! xo