precious lovely elsa.

we all loved up some elsa bee when we were in minneapolis for a family reunion with 1/2 of the family. i wanted to share with you how precious she is, especially how sweet the shots of her and my brother, her father, jorma are. truly, amazingly touching and lovely. we are all so blessed. AND she has TWIN SIBLINGS coming on the way. we found out today that they are two healthy babies: ONE BOY & ONE GIRL. how perfect. elsa'll be a great big sis.

melinda, or mommy mo as we like to call her, was telling me about how she overheard jorma one morning, fixing elsa's hair in her room, getting her ready for the day, and he said, "elsa! you look like such a beautiful fountain!!" (referring to her hair-do) i will never forget that. its pretty true:
miss thang being sassy:


flashlightfaces said...

Well. That's it. I'm dead. Gone.

Shira19 said...

What a beautiful child!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! Children bring such joy into your life it's amazing!

samimi-extremie said...