if minneapolis is like paris, then what does that make rapid city. oh geeeeezzz:

i've been drooling over a lot of blogs the past two days, and i think it just hit me - in a big way - how much i miss: cities; good espresso; cute little cafes; nice streets to walk on with my husband; people to watch; art to see and get inspired by; photo shows; MUSIC SHOWS; a gang of buddies to go harass the city with, laughing so hard we disturb the peace; a farm to table food box delivery; cool haircuts; cooler clothes; family; ocean air; dense forests; bonfires - oh gosh i could go on and on and on.

forgive me, for being so restless, so crazy wrought with jealousy for those of you that can enjoy those small things in life. i am feeling a large void right now - missing the things listed above, even if i could just have ONE of them. its crazy how when you live somewhere sooooo remote, after you've lived somewhere "bigger", you realize how even the little, teeny-weeny things that you used to think were everyday routines in a different place, would be so relished right at this moment in time.

i think about my sister in portland, how she gets to go to stumptown whenever she wants + the photobooth @ ace hotel if she decided. i think of my father and mother who get to walk out their door down a block and have a great latte and walk another couple blocks, and go to the best co-op ever. i think of my brother and sister in law in china and all of the eye candy that they are inundated with daily (i am sure). i think of one of my besties, amanda, and how she gets to have tulips in mason jars all year long (we don't have such a luxury here in rapid). i think of amy who gets to see cute little cafes, pop up in her neat little brooklyn neighborhood. i dream of getting all of my loves together in a field and eating on one large long table in the middle of nowhere, much like this. trust me, we WILL do this, buddies. like in the next year - you down? um, how AMAZING will this be?? so amazing. definitely something to look forward to. for sure.

oh just the little things. the little things of life i miss. i don't know if i should keep reading these blogs, feeling a void here at the moment.

not that SD doesn't have its "perks"- but when the perk are the golden prairies and the cornflower blue skies with marshmallow clouds, and ITS WINTER AND 50MPH WINDS - you can't really enjoy the perk. yeah, the perk. hahaha. i mean, its pretty crazy, when you are DYING to go to minneapolis/st. paul because it feels like Paris to you. yes, that's where i'm at folks, if minneapolis is Paris, what is rapid city??!??! heh . heh.

i have some ideas about starting a collective project with some of you, dear friends. i am thinking and thinking about how we can all feel more connected...any ideas? help me. i am getting sucked in to a void of nothingness!!!!!!!

okay maybe not nothingness, just restlessness. connect me to you and your life. please? thanks. oh yeah, and will someone please take me here?!?!?!??!?!? like, now?!??!?!


Renee said...

um, can i come with you to the tree house and the field party? um, thanks!

montague said...

oh my, so many things to say!
1. love love love these tables.
2. i totally understand how you feel. i feel that way AND i live in a huge city. this whole online community is both lovely and challenging because it opens us up to so many new possibilities and shows us a somewhat distorted view of other people's lives.
3. i wish you could come visit. and one of my dream is to come visit YOU, so we can go take amazing photos in old buildings, and ghost towns, and bit fat empty spaces. seriously. i'm sure it's challenging to live there, but you make it look so utterly stunning and cool. and just... THE place to be.
4. about a project. seriously? i was [this] close to emailing you and the beijingers about some kind of fun endeavor. let's talk.

samimi-extremie said...

renee: it'll cost you. ;)

ams: oh man, that is so amazing, everything you said, it really warmed my heart. i especially love comment #2. it totally resonated with me - and you are SO right, i didn't even think about it, how it is distorted. good damn point. must consider this.
also- you and the sham are welcome to visit ANYTIME. do it sooner than later though...just sayin'... seriously. come visit!!

thanks so much for your comment, amy, it was really what i needed to hear! and glad to know you feel the same at times!
i'll email you.

Christina said...

Well if Minneapolis is your Paris, then Kotzebue is my NYC and Anchorage is my Paris. :)

I feel your every word. You at least have restaurants. and a husband. and grocery stores. So just remember... it could be a tiny bit different. I promise. I miss my life in the Lower 48, but my life is here right now, and I'm trying to remember to appreciate everyday that brings me closer to May.

Go drive through the Black Hills, gamble five dollars away at Deadwood and wave to Crazy Horse - that's somethings you can't do in the city. And take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Veronica said...

wanna switch places... i could use a little slower paced living.

samimi-extremie said...

ok, christina, you helped me put it in perspective. a little bit.

veronica, yes please. like right now.

Naeem said...


was just checking out your stuff based on kadria's reco.

re: outstanding in the field--i almost went to one of their things outside of toronto this past summer. such a bummer to have missed out on it. hopefully they'll be back this year (i think they're releasing their 2010 schedule soon?).

anyhow, great blog/dope photos!