IN love.

BEACH HOUSE's new album is dropping real soon like. TEEN DREAM is ridiculously rad from what i have been lucky enough to hear. very different, more evolved, but still beachy. LOVE it. can't wait for it to come out and catch them on tour somewhere!

if i ever get the courage and motivation, and baktash and i do start a band, they would be my idols.

what is one of your favorite bands that is coming out with a new album soon?


flashlightfaces said...

have you heard the new vampire weekend?? He mentions masada in one of the songs -- pretty nuts

samimi-extremie said...

woah that is nutty. like in a tasty way.

limonana said...

to answer your question: YOU & BAKI are my favorite band who will be coming out with a new album. please?

gus said...

i have it - want me to send it to you dearest?