the photographic dictionary

...is phenomenal!!! i strongly URGE you ALL to go check it out!! OI! What its about is that you choose a letter from the alphabet, then they have different words starting with that specific letter, then you read the definition and see a photograph depicting the word; its so awesomely RAD. HERE is the link.

 Here are some of my fab faves:

  • "ambiance" by katherine squier :
  • "away" by jackson eaton :
  • "dangle" by steven ly :
  • "destruction" by bea frendermen :
  • "distance" by silvino meldonca :
  • "gravity" by paul paper :
  • "karaoke" by hasisi park :
what do you guys think of this grand idea? grand or great or super dope??


kylie said...

super grope + dand. I love this site. my clarification word is onesie! i think it is a sign that you a red one stat.

samimi-extremie said...

i KINDA think i understood your comment, kye! the part i did get was the red onesie. xxx.

elise said...

very very cool. i love it!

samimi-extremie said...

elise: i KNEW you'd love it. tee hee.