Guest Blogging @ nineteendays.wordpress.com = Baha'is are super cool people.

come check it out! it is super totally tubular! it is 21 young Baha'is from all over the world taking photos on specific days of our 19 day fast - everyday it changes! there are photographs both morning and evening from each photographer, and then a reflection of the specific day of the Fast by each photographer. 

Today, my photographs are featured in the middle amidst Amy and Leila's, which are always RAD. come over and look. and then come back and tell me what you think! (i like to make you work! yah!!)


Leili said...

I LOVED your photographs a wicked lot.

amy said...

thank you SOOO much for taking part in this! it was wonderful to have your spectacular photos as part of the project!

elise said...

i enjoy reading that blog a bunch and i enjoyed your post darlin.

namo said...

ur phots r Nsanely AWWsum.

samimi-extremie said...

towfigh: thanks girl, means alot coming from the art genius of life.
amy: you're welcome, it was my pleasure! thank YOU for allowing me to contribute!
elise: thanks girl, i am glad you are enjoying it, i thought you would. i love you!
neemz: so sooper suite.