Blatant Hate Crimes Still Exist- right here in Rapid City

I have lived in Rapid City for seven months now and have been completely shocked by how thick the racism is here; it is like another world here.  A friend of mine said that it is like living in the apartheid here.  I would have to say that I agree.  Working for SANI-T (Society for the Advancement of Native Interests - Today), I work closely with the Native American community here.  

I came to work this morning and was told some news that has left me feeling nauseous  and emotional all day.  I am shocked that we still live in a time where ignorance and hatred are still running rampant.  

Please read this story, which describes the hate crime: 

Our office has been extremely busy all day - with news reporters coming in, radio stations calling, we hope this exposure will be enough to raise some serious awareness and make a change.  

I have to go, I have an interview with South Dakota Public Radio on this disgusting issue.

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kylie said...

This news is devastating, what has been the follow up? they found the disgusting brats who did it so is there any word on their punishment/conviction? They were all minors right? Any public apologies yet?