ON BECOMING A SHE-BOT aka what i do on blizzard days @ home.

PLEASE click on each image to see it larger, and get the full effect:

"ON BECOMING A SHE-BOT" by Layli Samimi-Moore:

this was so much fun. i was snowed in today b/c of ANOTHER blizzard, so i entertained myself...and hopefully YOU. tell me what you think!

xxx.tremie the she-bot.


Anonymous said...

girl!! this is amazing! your creativity never ceases to blow me away! i wanna become a she-bot too! ;)


Layli said...

thanks, mallory! the things one will do to procrastinate her thesis...ughhh!

caitlin said...

you are hilarious!...and awesome! two thumbs up - way up!

baktash said...

thinking about you wearing pink velour and listening to sarah mclaughlin makes my love for you stronger. lets live in gaithersburg.

you funny (said with fake yawn)

Na'im said...

now i know what to get you for your wedding.

samimi-extremie said...

caitlin: hahah! "thumbs way up!" ; you crack me up, girl!

bax: i love your fake yawn. i love you baybee.

neems: well, atleast you have some time in advance. but that apron better be sewn with gold thread.

flashlightfaces said...


ps have you seen the comic book program on your mac? it's fun.

samimi-extremie said...

booboo!!! NOOOOOO!!! I HAVEN'T!!! WHERE IS IT???? sheesh. i cant believe i didnt know about it!

deux oiseaux said...

layli, this is great. you're so creative and fun!