and then there was just...she & him.

holy crap just when you thought life couldn't get any more RAD, you find She & Him. WHICH JUST SO HAPPENS to be M.Ward (my most favorite musician like, EVER--OMG!!--read old blog post) + cutie Zooey Deschanel (actress from "winter passing", "elf", etc.)!!! WOW! you say! man, oh man, i meant to make this the first music blog that was ever to grace the electronic pages of samimi-extremie.blogspot, but to be honest, when i first heard this album i was so angry b/c m.ward is barely singing in this album + i felt ripped the *beep* off!! OMG!! and zooey's voice is kind of loud + overbearing at first...but after two listens to the album, i REALLY fell in love with it. i think you will too. this is them perfoming at SXSW just this last month:

i apologize for the semi-crappy quality of the vid, but hey! its the internet! its youtube! its a free world! a free democracy on this world wide web thingy! sheesh! get off my back!

there is also this cute little sneak peak/listen:

anything m.ward does is amazing. so i recommend that you check them out.

She & Him
album: Volume One
label: Merge
quality: ROCKIN!

this is how She & Him make me feel:

p.s. i'm the one in the red overalls WIGGING out.


Jason said...

Zooey went to Northwestern! Represent! (Okay, she dropped out in, like, less than a year.)

layli said...

thats so funny. she couldn't hang i guess. she had to go get famous. heh heh.

amy said...

your dad is waaay stylish with that tash.

limonana said...

oooo you have such good taste in music lovey...& you're cute when you wig out :O)