los angeles

...i'm going there right now. i'm in the hartford airport right now. its 3am, baktash + i havent slept a wink b/c we went to long island today for a wedding which consisted of eating food for 7 hours STRAIGHT. it was reeedickulous. it wouldnt stop coming. we had to leave before the whole banquet hall was filled with cakes, chocolate fountains, popcorn, snow cone machines, crepes, etc. i'm getting sick just thinking about it. 

so now we're heading to LA. to see his family, elise, burt (my great great buddies) + the beach. because YOU WOULD HAVE NO IDEA-- IT FREAKIN' SNOWED IN VERMONT YESTERDAY.  what kind of godforsaken state is vermont anyway??? we have now officially had snow for FIVE MONTHS. YUCK!

OMG. i almost forgot. LA is not only home to fake breasts + liposuction, but also to my most favorite store in the UNIVERSE: American Apparel. so basically, i'm going there. everyday. i dont care if the CEO is gross. sorry guys, but i'd rather buy gear from a weirdo who walks around in his underwear than a sweatshop pimp.


amy said...

have a blast!

Jason said...

Awww... I wish I was in LA at the same time as you. =(