another crazy iranian - i can say that, because i am one.

holy crap i can't wait to show this to my mom, she'll laugh so hard.

i almost died. he gets really into it...wow. what a kook!

(p.s. where does baktash find this stuff??? OMFG!!!)


limonana said...

i think i just died.

Mike said...

I've seen this video before.. You see, my mom has this thing, where she forwards only to Paul and I EVERY SINGLE chain letter, powerpoint presentation, funny picture, and funny video she receives from her Real Estate buddies.. So, Paul and I have this running joke where we thank her for sending each and every one across, like it is just changed our lives.. it's good times.. One time, she sent me some video and I sent her this one and said "You have to see this, he is amazing".. the plan kinda backfired, cuz she just turned around and sent MY e-mail (with this link in it) to all of her brothers, sisters, and real estate buddies.. They must think we're a pretty kooky family.. Props to bringing it back though.. always a pleasure..

Kitty Fanatic said...

Another crazy American - I can say that, because I am one:


Lindsey said...