i got to see elise + burt today. i will put some photos up when i can. i saw smokey robinson on the plane + jamie kennedy at a cafe. i dont even know who he is though. and then i found out he stars in that really lame movie about white gangster rapper wannabes, or whatever. (lame).

burt told me that he showed my blog to his coworkers as they were working on the set of american idol. he especially loved the surfer clip. as we all did. i am trying to find funny clips to show you guys more often...a friend of ours showed me this video and we all really enjoyed it. its really funny. it'll make you chuckle.

well, i cant say i miss vermont + the snow.


amy said...

that is hilarious!!! i love the last woman - getting down on the ground with them :)

limonana said...

heheheh...this did make me chuckle!

Lovely Paper said...

oh. my. gosh. that was so funny. i haven't laughed out loud by myself in a long time. thank you.


this video is dope!