Sad Bastard #2 : SMOG aka Bill Callahan

SMOG has been one of my favorite bands of all time for the last six years. He is truly one of the saddest bastards out there. He is also one of the best song-writers in my opinion. i've never got to see him live...this is probably because the sad dude doesn't tour much, and if he does, its mostly around tex-ass.

Bill Callahan has released 11 albums under the name
SMOG. His most recent album, Woke on a Whaleheart is released under his name, stepping a little away from SMOG and a little out of what one critic called, "a peep-show view into an insular world of alienation".

Introducing Sad Bastard #2:

SMOG aka Bill Callahan
album: A River Aint Too Much To Love
song: Rock Bottom Riser

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Anonymous said...

man, SMOG is so sweet. i love that sad man.