the diving bell + the butterfly.

holy crud this is a movie that will make you cry. dont get me wrong--its fantastic. and beautiful. and striking. and poignant. and profound. and all the women are H-O-T-T...but so DAMN sad. this is a film--if you havent heard already--about a 43 year old frenchman (voo-lay-voo!!) who has a stroke and ends up with having something called "locked in syndrome" AKA you cant move a damn thing. his brain functions properly, but he cannot speak. so the genius dude writes A FREAKIN' BOOK BY BLINKING HIS EYE. yes, i said eye, not "eyes" because only one of his eyes works. so damn damn damn, this homie has skillz.

i suggest you all go and see this movie. and cry. bring some bonbons and let yer tears rip. and the film has all of these super hot ladies starring in it. i haven't cried so much in a movie since "waiting to exhale" or "bucket list".

really really really freakin' good. i give it my two thumbs + two toes up. oh yeah, and screw siskel + whoever it is now (or is it ebert that is still alive??) their reviews SUCK ASS and just b/c they give "two thumbs way up!" doesnt mean jack squat. they gave "two thumbs way up" to all those crappy movies with renee zellwegger and romance in britain.

to conclude, human beings can be very amazing even when faced with extreme misfortune. *tear*

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elise said...

i see your taste in movies has improved!!! LOVE IT